Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yet another Flying Falsie!!!

Okay, my sis just warned me of one very scary "friend".

She seemed to have problem with me going out cos she said "i keep saying my life is bad yet i still can go out and PLAY, i'm crazy".

Since when did i say my life is bad? I only mentioned that my life is not as good as what some people think but definitely not bad.

And, go out and PLAY?

Last night, i reached home at 11:15pm, ZY even asked why did i go home so early! I meet up with my friends at 7pm, have dinner and some drinks (cos it's friend's birthday), sent my friends home and got home at 11:15pm, WHAT ON EARTH DID I PLAY?

Moreover, the last time i went out with my friends before yesterday was more than 1 month ago. Compare to her, i am NOWHERE playing!

Pot calling kettle black huh? Get your facts right before commenting on my personal life.

Don't understand why some people just can't mind their own business? Keep poking into other's affair and talk craps.

Yes, simple, i'm gonna get her out of my life.

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