Friday, August 31, 2012

Their Rainbow Party (I) :: Party Venue + Invitations

Practice makes perfect!

Today's eye make up is a success!!! My double eyelid looks more natural! I think i'll do this make up on my girls' birthday party. Cos I'll be wearing a jumper, so i need to go for more natural look! Thinking if i should wear big eye lens anot since i've not wear contact lenses for a long long time. I don't wanna risk my perfect eyesight.

Talking about the party, i'm getting more and more anxious as the date gets nearer and nearer. 8 more days!!! OMG! I cannot think of what is still lacked of, cos end up, i will buy more & MORE redundant stuffs. For example; dessert plates, i've already bought about 50+ pcs swee ones, then when i think, i will scare that it's not enough and wanna get more, but i've to self collect it at Woodlands, again. I asked ZY to help me to collect, he said "why plate must go all the way there to buy?". Then i LL lor! Hahahaha

My friends scolded me too, asked me not to waste my money on all these redundant stuffs. Aiyo, they don't understand! Want to do, must do it swee swee, if not, don't do! I bought everything to suit the theme mah. And they are right, all those stuffs costed me a bomb!! LOL! Okay, i really really need to stop buying, just use whatever i've bought. 

Keeping my fingers crossed, i hope the party will be successful, no cock ups, the kids will cooperate, people don't last minute put aeroplane and everyone will enjoy! Yes, ENJOY, that's my purpose! Gifts or angbaos are not important, i just want attendances & fun! :)

So, mummies, daddies, friends & whoever out there who are invited, PLEASE REMEMBER OUR DATE ON NEXT SAT, 8TH SEPT 2012 FROM 6PM - 9PM AT KIDZ AMAZE JURONG SAFRA. 

P/S : Cake cutting session will be commenced at 8pm sharp, so i will appreciate if you all can arrive earlier. Please remember to bring socks for your kid(s) and yourself to enter the indoor playground.

SEE YA!!! =D 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Higher Double Eyelid

Tried something on my eyes today...

#nofilter #noedit

Putting on double eyelid tape for higher double eyelid!!!

Nope, this is not the first time i'm using double eyelid tape (but seldom) but it's the first time i stick till SO HIGH, and maybe due to the new falsie (i just bought, shorter & more natural), i think i looked very weird. Like very sleepy?! And older?? Whatever.

I love playing around with eye make up and i will keep trying out new things to enhance my eyes. Cos i feel that 眼睛是灵魂之窗 and if you have a pair of nice eyes, more than 1/2 of your face is pretty liao. That's my definition of "beauty", you don't have to agree with me.

Damn sian, got dental appointment later! Hur hur, hate visiting the dentist the most but i've no choice cos the last time i visited a dentist was before i got pregnant with ah mei. That's like more than one and a half year ago!!! God bless me later! :(

我们去拍拖! ♥

Date : 29th August 2012, Wednesday
Venue : KSL, Johor Bahru

The husband brought me to KSL yesterday and said he will bear ALL my shopping cost!!! Yeap, i took a day leave to go par-tor with him, just the two of us, lol.

Not bad, my face don't look so haggard now, as compared to 2-3 weeks ago.

I wore a chilli red shorts, blue tank top and an over-sized white cardi (supposed to be just nice but i think i slimmed down + material expanded so become over-sized) with my red Burberry bag + Juicy Couture flip flop. I think i dressed like one ah lian, hahaha. But who cares? I happy can already.

Since very young, i've always been myself, having my own taste and dress sense and no matter what others termed me as, i don't give a fuck, at all. (You may say i'm fat, ugly or criticize me in whatever ways u want, but don't ever accuse me.) I'm not a follower, not in the past, not now and never will be one in the future. But obviously, i'll never do weird stuffs like perming a bomb head or wear a rainbow legging & etc to shame myself. Yes, of cos, if you think u looks good in it, by all means. But it doesn't suits me and i don't like it. 

Been a long long time since i last stepped into JB for shopping. Used to visit there every weekend in the past, before married. And this new shopping centre, KSL, it's my first time there! My new passport finally 开张 liao!!! :)

Before we starts our shopping, yes, FOOD to fill our stomach first! And whenever i step into JB, i will always want to eat this! I seldom eat this in SG cos i feel that their ingredients not alot + very expensive. And when i eat this, 油条 is a MUST-HAVE for me. Dipped into the soup, shiok lah! I can finish the whole bowl of it, lol. We ate rice early in the morning, which made us so full till 5pm. But i only took 1/4 bowl of the rice leh, ZY took my balance, that's always the case. It's okay, i dislike rice and i seldom eat rice too.

I don't know if it's KSL's problem (nothing to buy) or mine? Cos i only spent RM100 (on myself) in total, that's not even S$50. Most probably, i'm too conscious of the things i buy now cos i've no space to keep them!! So, i'll only buy things i need or those small items. No clothes, no shoes, only some accessories, kids stuffs & food. Apparently, we spent most inside the supermarket, buying baby wet wipes, lol! Cheap leh, one big pack costed about S$1.60 only!!!

Hope the husband will bring me there again as he doesn't allow me to go with friends, 大男人. Oh well, even though he's not caring (towards me), not romantic, not sweet & etc, he's still considered quite nice lah cos he always offer to bring me wherever he goes. I remember that there was once his friend jio him to go Genting cos he has an extra ticket (or room, i forgot), and his reply was "then my wife and kids how? cannot lah, i cannot leave them here". I don't know if he's scare that i'll get angry or he really love us so much, lolol. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heart Shaped Face

Yesterday, someone enlightened me something interesting...

My face shape & fortune!

Only till yesterday, then i know i've a heart shaped face. Becos i've very high cheekbones and fat cheeks, lol. And after i slimmed down this time round, my jawline there become inverted, which makes me look very very haggard. I HATE IT! 

I'm NOT VERY skinny leh, but my face makes me look like i am. Now, my weight is 46.5 kgs and i feel that it's very normal for my height at 157cm (shrink liao, tmd). 

So, this person told me, having a heart shaped face is no good. Cos, many things which are right in front of me, obviously mine, end up will get snatched away. Really meh? I seriously never take note of this before, cos most of the time, i couldn't be bothered at all. My pattern is, have have lor, don't have i also don't care. Becos i don't compare, and i'm not jealous of anyone or anything. 管好自己的事就好!

Maybe i should save up to go for a full face lift, hahahaha! ZY said he's ok as long as i don't ask him to sponsor, lol. No lah, i'm just kidding, i don't dare. 

I've nothing against plastic surgeries and in fact, i salute those who dare to go for it. It's painful, damn painful, isn't it? Moreover, there are so much risks, like failure? death? Aiyo, sounds so scary!!! And, it's not cheap at all! I better stop thinking about it cos i've no money, lol! 

P/S : Updated a few items to let go at a steal! Quick, SHOP MY STUFFS now!

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Doraemon Babies

I think hor, meimei will be even more "chia" than jiejie in future. GOOD!

Jiejie has already started to learn how to protect her meimei as well. I've seen how she stood up for her meimei, when my friends tested her. That's the way, my girls!

Please help & protect each other till the day you die. However, don't do it blindly. If your sister is the one in wrong, please scold and stop her from making any stupid mistake. Be logical enough to judge. Remember, 帮理不帮亲! Be a peacemaker instead of a troublemaker.

Most importantly, please learn how to be responsible for your own actions. Mummy and daddy won't be there for you forever. Don't ever cry over spilt milk! Cos crying doesn't helps to solve any problem. What doesn't kill you, will makes you stronger.

Please love and care for each other till the day you die. Fights and arguments are okay as long as both of you made up after that. 家人是没有隔夜仇的! Just like mummy and Bobo yiyi, though we fight and argue sometimes, we will still help & protect each other, but not blindly.

Love you both alot alot! Hugs! (NOTHING else matters more than them & my mum, maybe that's why i am this strong now.)

Trouble Maker - JS & Hyuna

Crazy over this song since Wednesday night! I love the whistle part, and their dance!!! Damn it, so sexy!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My husband suddenly love me so much! LOL

I just saw...

ZY placed our pic as his fb profile pic??? Am i seeing things? LOLOL

First time! Don't know why he suddenly love me so much... HAHAHA!

Then yesterday, he also suddenly sms me, said want to bring me out for dinner and movie, just the two of us. LOLOL again. But i rejected him cos i've already made an appointment with XS.

We went for dinner, some aunty shampoo & perfume shopping and beer/singing! It was an impromptu meet-up, that's why didn't ask PY & MQ along. MQ just started her new job, she went back to teaching again, i was telling XS that she most probably can't make it cos she has to wake up damn early now. And later, she left comment on fb saying she's like a dead fish, lolol.

Guess this group of friends know my style the best, becos we are the same. We don't contact each other everyday, sometimes even for months/years, but we doesn't need to clarify anything, neither will we be that free to assume anything also lah. Now, most of our topics are about our kids, discussing which courses should we sign them up together and etc. Meet-up without kids for dinner & drinks once in a blue moon. It's enough. We're all too old for interesting & happening lifestyle! 玩够了!


We bought this perfume together, VERY nice, but XS said it's not lasting. I sprayed about 4 hours ago, the smell is still quite strong leh! The bottle and box are damn unique!


We each bought a Burberry bag weeks ago! Me and MQ got the same design, XS got another design. I eventually changed to raspberry red cos i feel that black is kinda... dull? Got it at a steal since it's brand new and authentic. They said i'm a bad friend cos i tempted them and caused them to spend money, lol. I asked them which color is nicer mah, and well, good stuffs must share right? I love love love love my new bag so so so so much, hahaha!

Yes, my life is awesome, very. I never say that my life is bad. Beside good and bad, there's a word call "average". But i'm sure it will gets better and better from now onwards. Mark my words!

P/S : Had a long chat with XS yesterday, got to know more about her family. And i think our character are quite alike, "你对我好, 我会对你跟好. 你对我不好, 我才管你去死." We won't find/create troubles or take any revenge but we bear grudges.

Easy to forgive, hard to forget. Even though i've really short term memory, but those things that stirred up a big storm before, i'll never forget (i've my blog to remind me too), might not even forgive, unless you're my family.

So, my dear friends out there, please do not do things to make me hate you. Becos once i hate, it will be forever. I'm no angel, i know. But at least, i don't act like one just to gain alot of friends! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ignorance is bliss!

After yesterday, i will stick to my own principle again, which is...


I thought by clarifying (becos she has been asking me to clarify), she will stop. (I clarified not becos i wanna prove that i'm right, but becos i want her to stop everything! Friends or not, not important anymore.) But hell no, i landed myself into deeper shit instead. Everything was blown out of proportion.

XS called earlier and asked me what happened.

And she said something which i strongly agree...


Sometimes, it's not about the "trust" there, it's just that we don't see the need to. Becos, this is damn childish & not everyone can accept explanations. Things are like that, when both never say anything, over a period of time, both will forget, cos it's not any grave mistake like killing each other's parents or what.

Anyway, what done cannot be undone! It's okay, i've no regrets.

Yes, PEACE at last! =D

I don't wish to get involved in nonsenses anymore, please leave me alone!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just as well...

Okay, things ended the way just as i expected.

We thrashed things out earlier. She assumed that i gave her attitude becos i saw a pic that FF tagged her on fb???? What pic?! FF blocked me on fb, so how am i able to see what she post/tag? And in fact, i knew she and FF become friends again long ago. But well, that's between her and FF, none of my business, so i never bother.

Years ago, she complained to me about how much she cannot stand FF cos she is always copying her. It was none of my business at all, but she dragged me in. Fine, cos i can't stand FF anyway.

So yes, it became me and FF's issue. She updated me with FF's irritating moves (always), insulted and criticised her. But from the start till now, i've never mention or drag her into it.

I told her it's not due to FF and i don't know what picture is she talking about. She doesn't believe!

So i told her what her friend said...

And guess what? Oh, it become me and my sister's fault? LOL! She called us "a joke"? LOLOL

As expected, she claimed that she never say those stuffs, so i said, "ok then, i'm sorry for it". But she continued to kpkb kpkb, as if she knows how to kpkb means she win. She said it's no point for us to be friends anymore, and i said "ok". But then, she continued to kpkb kpkb again. I asked her what she wants now? She still continued to kpkb kpkb! =,=

She said i cannot tweet and blog about her. But hey, didn't she KEEP tweeting about me too? She can, and i cannot? Anyway, i NEVER tweet about her at all, just couldn't be bothered.

Then she said i interfered in her life. Hmm, SINCE WHEN AH? She said she's not interested in my life. But i don't know why is she still reading my blog?

Then she said i keep saying people, hope my mouth will rot. Hmm????? She's saying me or herself? When and what did i say people about? All these while, i'm the one taking the step back and there she is, barking and barking NON STOP.

Please, i'm NOT afraid of you. I know u are very free but i am not. Stop getting me involved with all your nonsenses when i've done NOTHING at all. You said i gave u attitude, you did your fair share in giving me attitude as well. Since you said that there's no point for us to be friends anymore, and i've accepted it, what more do you want???

All along, i've never wanted to be enemy with you. Cos as i said, there are many chances we will get to meet again. And, my husband has been reminding me not to bother about u. This is not an excuse, think about what u should react when we happen to meet!

What u and your friends wanna gossip about, i'm NOT interested, don't get me involved. Since you said that u didn't say, ok fine then, i also never say or do anything?

Whoever you wanna be friend with, i'm NOT interested either. I'm TOTALLY not interested in you and your life. And yes yes, i know u are not interested in mine too, u have been repeating so yes, i know it already, you can stop repeating.


I don't need to have MANY friends as back-ups and i'm not afraid. If i ever do something wrong, i shall wait for my karma.

P/S : Read here!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What are you trying to prove?

Everything started when i posted this photo on my IG and twitter. One lady, whom i've heard of her name before but don't know her at all, whom is one of your good friend said that you said 'i keep saying that my life is very bad but i still can go out and play, SOT' and 'i always act like i'm so busy but i'm actually enjoying my life'. (These were what she said, i did not change or add any word.)

P/S : Don't ask who is the one who said, ask yourself whether have you made such comments before? Why am i so sure that you have made such comments (maybe in another way *shrug*)? Cos, i don't know that lady at all, she knows nothing about my life & she doesn't follow me on twitter or IG, so how the hell did she know i went out (i haven even blog about it yet)? Alright, maybe you didn't mean anything, i was too petty.

Of cos, i was angry when i knew about it. So i tweeted this...

And i posted statuses on my FB in a sarcastic way saying "yeah, i'm ENJOYING my life so much". But after that, i stopped everything.

Well, given my character, i would have kicked a big fuss and confronted you. But my sis and hus stopped me. And, i didn't hear it with my own ears too. So yeah, thee shall not assume.

Hence, i decided to apply the "ignorance is bliss" attitude. I don't hate you, i just don't wish to get too close to you.

You whatsapped me, i gave very short replies. Cos i was rushing back from ECP to prepare my two kids to go out for dinner with my family and yes, i don't have anything to talk to u too. However, i did reply.

Then, i decided to lock my blog, NOT becos of you but for my own good.

And the next thing you did was, posting alot of nasty remarks on twitter, obviously targetting at me even though no names was mentioned. Since no names was mentioned and i did not do anything wrong, i don't want to assume that you were tweeting about me. And yes, i ignored.

P/S : In one of your tweets, you mentioned something about "don't assume, ASK", so why did you assumed that i hate you?

Then, the next next thing i know was, you unfollowed me on twitter and IG. (I don't know when you did it, i didn't deliberately checked it, i happened to find out when i was searching for something else.) Oh yes, it's no big deal, unfollow then unfollow lor but you're doing things way too obvious, like as if i'm the one who offended you and you decided to hate me. =,=

I'm NOT fake. I did not kick up any issue cos i've thought about the consequences. Your hb and my hb are friends and we have so many common friends, which means, there are many chances we will meet again at whoever's wedding or occasions. What's the point of making things turn ugly and we have to hate & stare at each other when we happen to meet? Com'on, we're all mothers already, why wanna do all these childish stuffs?

FF is different, we don't have that much common friends & her hb and my hb weren't even friends to start with, they don't contact each other AT ALL.

But well, the main reason is (still) cos, i don't have time for nonsenses now. I don't even have much time for myself, why should i waste my precious time on this?

So yeah, this shall be the first and last time i'll be talking about this and i'll leave things as it is. I did not do anything wrong so there's nothing i will regret about.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Too much retail therapies!

High time to blog, cos i really don't wish this blog to "die" even when there's no reader now. Like what i always say, i blog for myself! :)

Quite busy lately, with everything.

Was on leave on Tues and Wed to look after the two rascals cos aunt was busy. End up having migraine and body ache on Thurs when i returned to work, and feeling feverish the whole day, torture.

Anyway, i bought alot alot alot of stuffs recently!!!

Burberry tote bag, Swaroski necklace, Tory Burch Flats, Biore sunblock, Swim wear & 3 very chio tank tops. WHAT ELSE AH??? Hmm...

And oh... i went to pay for the kids' party venue last week!!! About $600 lor! :(

Been sourcing for the kids' party items these few months, whatever i see, i BUY. Buy and buy, everything, lol. Some i think i won't use it at all, haha!

Really broke now! SAD!