Thursday, August 30, 2012

我们去拍拖! ♥

Date : 29th August 2012, Wednesday
Venue : KSL, Johor Bahru

The husband brought me to KSL yesterday and said he will bear ALL my shopping cost!!! Yeap, i took a day leave to go par-tor with him, just the two of us, lol.

Not bad, my face don't look so haggard now, as compared to 2-3 weeks ago.

I wore a chilli red shorts, blue tank top and an over-sized white cardi (supposed to be just nice but i think i slimmed down + material expanded so become over-sized) with my red Burberry bag + Juicy Couture flip flop. I think i dressed like one ah lian, hahaha. But who cares? I happy can already.

Since very young, i've always been myself, having my own taste and dress sense and no matter what others termed me as, i don't give a fuck, at all. (You may say i'm fat, ugly or criticize me in whatever ways u want, but don't ever accuse me.) I'm not a follower, not in the past, not now and never will be one in the future. But obviously, i'll never do weird stuffs like perming a bomb head or wear a rainbow legging & etc to shame myself. Yes, of cos, if you think u looks good in it, by all means. But it doesn't suits me and i don't like it. 

Been a long long time since i last stepped into JB for shopping. Used to visit there every weekend in the past, before married. And this new shopping centre, KSL, it's my first time there! My new passport finally 开张 liao!!! :)

Before we starts our shopping, yes, FOOD to fill our stomach first! And whenever i step into JB, i will always want to eat this! I seldom eat this in SG cos i feel that their ingredients not alot + very expensive. And when i eat this, 油条 is a MUST-HAVE for me. Dipped into the soup, shiok lah! I can finish the whole bowl of it, lol. We ate rice early in the morning, which made us so full till 5pm. But i only took 1/4 bowl of the rice leh, ZY took my balance, that's always the case. It's okay, i dislike rice and i seldom eat rice too.

I don't know if it's KSL's problem (nothing to buy) or mine? Cos i only spent RM100 (on myself) in total, that's not even S$50. Most probably, i'm too conscious of the things i buy now cos i've no space to keep them!! So, i'll only buy things i need or those small items. No clothes, no shoes, only some accessories, kids stuffs & food. Apparently, we spent most inside the supermarket, buying baby wet wipes, lol! Cheap leh, one big pack costed about S$1.60 only!!!

Hope the husband will bring me there again as he doesn't allow me to go with friends, 大男人. Oh well, even though he's not caring (towards me), not romantic, not sweet & etc, he's still considered quite nice lah cos he always offer to bring me wherever he goes. I remember that there was once his friend jio him to go Genting cos he has an extra ticket (or room, i forgot), and his reply was "then my wife and kids how? cannot lah, i cannot leave them here". I don't know if he's scare that i'll get angry or he really love us so much, lolol. 

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