Friday, August 31, 2012

Their Rainbow Party (I) :: Party Venue + Invitations

Practice makes perfect!

Today's eye make up is a success!!! My double eyelid looks more natural! I think i'll do this make up on my girls' birthday party. Cos I'll be wearing a jumper, so i need to go for more natural look! Thinking if i should wear big eye lens anot since i've not wear contact lenses for a long long time. I don't wanna risk my perfect eyesight.

Talking about the party, i'm getting more and more anxious as the date gets nearer and nearer. 8 more days!!! OMG! I cannot think of what is still lacked of, cos end up, i will buy more & MORE redundant stuffs. For example; dessert plates, i've already bought about 50+ pcs swee ones, then when i think, i will scare that it's not enough and wanna get more, but i've to self collect it at Woodlands, again. I asked ZY to help me to collect, he said "why plate must go all the way there to buy?". Then i LL lor! Hahahaha

My friends scolded me too, asked me not to waste my money on all these redundant stuffs. Aiyo, they don't understand! Want to do, must do it swee swee, if not, don't do! I bought everything to suit the theme mah. And they are right, all those stuffs costed me a bomb!! LOL! Okay, i really really need to stop buying, just use whatever i've bought. 

Keeping my fingers crossed, i hope the party will be successful, no cock ups, the kids will cooperate, people don't last minute put aeroplane and everyone will enjoy! Yes, ENJOY, that's my purpose! Gifts or angbaos are not important, i just want attendances & fun! :)

So, mummies, daddies, friends & whoever out there who are invited, PLEASE REMEMBER OUR DATE ON NEXT SAT, 8TH SEPT 2012 FROM 6PM - 9PM AT KIDZ AMAZE JURONG SAFRA. 

P/S : Cake cutting session will be commenced at 8pm sharp, so i will appreciate if you all can arrive earlier. Please remember to bring socks for your kid(s) and yourself to enter the indoor playground.

SEE YA!!! =D 

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