Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heart Shaped Face

Yesterday, someone enlightened me something interesting...

My face shape & fortune!

Only till yesterday, then i know i've a heart shaped face. Becos i've very high cheekbones and fat cheeks, lol. And after i slimmed down this time round, my jawline there become inverted, which makes me look very very haggard. I HATE IT! 

I'm NOT VERY skinny leh, but my face makes me look like i am. Now, my weight is 46.5 kgs and i feel that it's very normal for my height at 157cm (shrink liao, tmd). 

So, this person told me, having a heart shaped face is no good. Cos, many things which are right in front of me, obviously mine, end up will get snatched away. Really meh? I seriously never take note of this before, cos most of the time, i couldn't be bothered at all. My pattern is, have have lor, don't have i also don't care. Becos i don't compare, and i'm not jealous of anyone or anything. 管好自己的事就好!

Maybe i should save up to go for a full face lift, hahahaha! ZY said he's ok as long as i don't ask him to sponsor, lol. No lah, i'm just kidding, i don't dare. 

I've nothing against plastic surgeries and in fact, i salute those who dare to go for it. It's painful, damn painful, isn't it? Moreover, there are so much risks, like failure? death? Aiyo, sounds so scary!!! And, it's not cheap at all! I better stop thinking about it cos i've no money, lol! 

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  1. Then wAt about oval shape??? Hehe

  2. Haha i don't know leh, he never tell me, he only tell me about my face!

  3. Aiyah don need to believe in this one la la lol!!

  4. Hahaha listen only lor. I believe everything is fated.


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