Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just as well...

Okay, things ended the way just as i expected.

We thrashed things out earlier. She assumed that i gave her attitude becos i saw a pic that FF tagged her on fb???? What pic?! FF blocked me on fb, so how am i able to see what she post/tag? And in fact, i knew she and FF become friends again long ago. But well, that's between her and FF, none of my business, so i never bother.

Years ago, she complained to me about how much she cannot stand FF cos she is always copying her. It was none of my business at all, but she dragged me in. Fine, cos i can't stand FF anyway.

So yes, it became me and FF's issue. She updated me with FF's irritating moves (always), insulted and criticised her. But from the start till now, i've never mention or drag her into it.

I told her it's not due to FF and i don't know what picture is she talking about. She doesn't believe!

So i told her what her friend said...

And guess what? Oh, it become me and my sister's fault? LOL! She called us "a joke"? LOLOL

As expected, she claimed that she never say those stuffs, so i said, "ok then, i'm sorry for it". But she continued to kpkb kpkb, as if she knows how to kpkb means she win. She said it's no point for us to be friends anymore, and i said "ok". But then, she continued to kpkb kpkb again. I asked her what she wants now? She still continued to kpkb kpkb! =,=

She said i cannot tweet and blog about her. But hey, didn't she KEEP tweeting about me too? She can, and i cannot? Anyway, i NEVER tweet about her at all, just couldn't be bothered.

Then she said i interfered in her life. Hmm, SINCE WHEN AH? She said she's not interested in my life. But i don't know why is she still reading my blog?

Then she said i keep saying people, hope my mouth will rot. Hmm????? She's saying me or herself? When and what did i say people about? All these while, i'm the one taking the step back and there she is, barking and barking NON STOP.

Please, i'm NOT afraid of you. I know u are very free but i am not. Stop getting me involved with all your nonsenses when i've done NOTHING at all. You said i gave u attitude, you did your fair share in giving me attitude as well. Since you said that there's no point for us to be friends anymore, and i've accepted it, what more do you want???

All along, i've never wanted to be enemy with you. Cos as i said, there are many chances we will get to meet again. And, my husband has been reminding me not to bother about u. This is not an excuse, think about what u should react when we happen to meet!

What u and your friends wanna gossip about, i'm NOT interested, don't get me involved. Since you said that u didn't say, ok fine then, i also never say or do anything?

Whoever you wanna be friend with, i'm NOT interested either. I'm TOTALLY not interested in you and your life. And yes yes, i know u are not interested in mine too, u have been repeating so yes, i know it already, you can stop repeating.


I don't need to have MANY friends as back-ups and i'm not afraid. If i ever do something wrong, i shall wait for my karma.

P/S : Read here!


  1. piangz, how cum u got these kind of frens de..

    hate these kind of jia jia people. Damn really 2 headed..

  2. I also don't know? Forget it. I did nothing wrong, i'm not scare.

  3. Dear FF's friend,

    You are seriously full of shits and bloody naggy. Just move on and appreciate FF for the rest of your life if you find Joanne is not worth to be your friend or if you are damn right about the situation. Damn childish and two-headed snake.


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