Friday, August 24, 2012

My Doraemon Babies

I think hor, meimei will be even more "chia" than jiejie in future. GOOD!

Jiejie has already started to learn how to protect her meimei as well. I've seen how she stood up for her meimei, when my friends tested her. That's the way, my girls!

Please help & protect each other till the day you die. However, don't do it blindly. If your sister is the one in wrong, please scold and stop her from making any stupid mistake. Be logical enough to judge. Remember, 帮理不帮亲! Be a peacemaker instead of a troublemaker.

Most importantly, please learn how to be responsible for your own actions. Mummy and daddy won't be there for you forever. Don't ever cry over spilt milk! Cos crying doesn't helps to solve any problem. What doesn't kill you, will makes you stronger.

Please love and care for each other till the day you die. Fights and arguments are okay as long as both of you made up after that. 家人是没有隔夜仇的! Just like mummy and Bobo yiyi, though we fight and argue sometimes, we will still help & protect each other, but not blindly.

Love you both alot alot! Hugs! (NOTHING else matters more than them & my mum, maybe that's why i am this strong now.)

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