Thursday, August 23, 2012

My husband suddenly love me so much! LOL

I just saw...

ZY placed our pic as his fb profile pic??? Am i seeing things? LOLOL

First time! Don't know why he suddenly love me so much... HAHAHA!

Then yesterday, he also suddenly sms me, said want to bring me out for dinner and movie, just the two of us. LOLOL again. But i rejected him cos i've already made an appointment with XS.

We went for dinner, some aunty shampoo & perfume shopping and beer/singing! It was an impromptu meet-up, that's why didn't ask PY & MQ along. MQ just started her new job, she went back to teaching again, i was telling XS that she most probably can't make it cos she has to wake up damn early now. And later, she left comment on fb saying she's like a dead fish, lolol.

Guess this group of friends know my style the best, becos we are the same. We don't contact each other everyday, sometimes even for months/years, but we doesn't need to clarify anything, neither will we be that free to assume anything also lah. Now, most of our topics are about our kids, discussing which courses should we sign them up together and etc. Meet-up without kids for dinner & drinks once in a blue moon. It's enough. We're all too old for interesting & happening lifestyle! 玩够了!


We bought this perfume together, VERY nice, but XS said it's not lasting. I sprayed about 4 hours ago, the smell is still quite strong leh! The bottle and box are damn unique!


We each bought a Burberry bag weeks ago! Me and MQ got the same design, XS got another design. I eventually changed to raspberry red cos i feel that black is kinda... dull? Got it at a steal since it's brand new and authentic. They said i'm a bad friend cos i tempted them and caused them to spend money, lol. I asked them which color is nicer mah, and well, good stuffs must share right? I love love love love my new bag so so so so much, hahaha!

Yes, my life is awesome, very. I never say that my life is bad. Beside good and bad, there's a word call "average". But i'm sure it will gets better and better from now onwards. Mark my words!

P/S : Had a long chat with XS yesterday, got to know more about her family. And i think our character are quite alike, "你对我好, 我会对你跟好. 你对我不好, 我才管你去死." We won't find/create troubles or take any revenge but we bear grudges.

Easy to forgive, hard to forget. Even though i've really short term memory, but those things that stirred up a big storm before, i'll never forget (i've my blog to remind me too), might not even forgive, unless you're my family.

So, my dear friends out there, please do not do things to make me hate you. Becos once i hate, it will be forever. I'm no angel, i know. But at least, i don't act like one just to gain alot of friends! :)

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