Friday, August 3, 2012

Too much retail therapies!

High time to blog, cos i really don't wish this blog to "die" even when there's no reader now. Like what i always say, i blog for myself! :)

Quite busy lately, with everything.

Was on leave on Tues and Wed to look after the two rascals cos aunt was busy. End up having migraine and body ache on Thurs when i returned to work, and feeling feverish the whole day, torture.

Anyway, i bought alot alot alot of stuffs recently!!!

Burberry tote bag, Swaroski necklace, Tory Burch Flats, Biore sunblock, Swim wear & 3 very chio tank tops. WHAT ELSE AH??? Hmm...

And oh... i went to pay for the kids' party venue last week!!! About $600 lor! :(

Been sourcing for the kids' party items these few months, whatever i see, i BUY. Buy and buy, everything, lol. Some i think i won't use it at all, haha!

Really broke now! SAD!

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