Thursday, August 16, 2012

What are you trying to prove?

Everything started when i posted this photo on my IG and twitter. One lady, whom i've heard of her name before but don't know her at all, whom is one of your good friend said that you said 'i keep saying that my life is very bad but i still can go out and play, SOT' and 'i always act like i'm so busy but i'm actually enjoying my life'. (These were what she said, i did not change or add any word.)

P/S : Don't ask who is the one who said, ask yourself whether have you made such comments before? Why am i so sure that you have made such comments (maybe in another way *shrug*)? Cos, i don't know that lady at all, she knows nothing about my life & she doesn't follow me on twitter or IG, so how the hell did she know i went out (i haven even blog about it yet)? Alright, maybe you didn't mean anything, i was too petty.

Of cos, i was angry when i knew about it. So i tweeted this...

And i posted statuses on my FB in a sarcastic way saying "yeah, i'm ENJOYING my life so much". But after that, i stopped everything.

Well, given my character, i would have kicked a big fuss and confronted you. But my sis and hus stopped me. And, i didn't hear it with my own ears too. So yeah, thee shall not assume.

Hence, i decided to apply the "ignorance is bliss" attitude. I don't hate you, i just don't wish to get too close to you.

You whatsapped me, i gave very short replies. Cos i was rushing back from ECP to prepare my two kids to go out for dinner with my family and yes, i don't have anything to talk to u too. However, i did reply.

Then, i decided to lock my blog, NOT becos of you but for my own good.

And the next thing you did was, posting alot of nasty remarks on twitter, obviously targetting at me even though no names was mentioned. Since no names was mentioned and i did not do anything wrong, i don't want to assume that you were tweeting about me. And yes, i ignored.

P/S : In one of your tweets, you mentioned something about "don't assume, ASK", so why did you assumed that i hate you?

Then, the next next thing i know was, you unfollowed me on twitter and IG. (I don't know when you did it, i didn't deliberately checked it, i happened to find out when i was searching for something else.) Oh yes, it's no big deal, unfollow then unfollow lor but you're doing things way too obvious, like as if i'm the one who offended you and you decided to hate me. =,=

I'm NOT fake. I did not kick up any issue cos i've thought about the consequences. Your hb and my hb are friends and we have so many common friends, which means, there are many chances we will meet again at whoever's wedding or occasions. What's the point of making things turn ugly and we have to hate & stare at each other when we happen to meet? Com'on, we're all mothers already, why wanna do all these childish stuffs?

FF is different, we don't have that much common friends & her hb and my hb weren't even friends to start with, they don't contact each other AT ALL.

But well, the main reason is (still) cos, i don't have time for nonsenses now. I don't even have much time for myself, why should i waste my precious time on this?

So yeah, this shall be the first and last time i'll be talking about this and i'll leave things as it is. I did not do anything wrong so there's nothing i will regret about.



  1. Understandable as she zuo zei xin Xu... Since u have made the decision to ignore her le.. I supposed u should be feeling better now right.. So come back to blogging k! Really miss u and ur girls:) take care!!!

    Don because of one idiot and lose contact with all of us! Hehe!


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