Friday, September 28, 2012


Last evening, i made a super impulse decision when i brought Raeann to trim her fringe at some neighborhood chap ba lang salon. YES, i cutted my fringe as well! 


My god, i seriously have no idea what to comment. Now, it looks like there's a bird nest growing on my head, lolol! The above pics are taken AFTER i trimmed it myself twice, to make it balance. I think i can do a better job! What was i thinking yesterday??? Lesson learnt; NEVER EVER PUT THE FATE OF MY HAIR ON AN AUNTY'S HAND! 

Luckily, my hair grows in a tremendous speed. Actually, i wanted to cut it short till above shoulder length long time ago. But hor, my husband said he preferred long hair leh. Later i cut liao, he see my face 不爽 then keep quarreling with me again how? =X

Hair Accessories + Pacifier Clip

Ordered these from one of my blog reader, Bernice. Actually, i only ordered the Little Twin Star and the pacifier clip, the pair of Hello Kitty was a gift from her to Raechelle. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! =D

I've this special craze over Sanrio characters, especially Little Twin Star! Sweet! 

Rubber band for jiejie and alligator clip for meimei. 

Pacifier clip for meimei, she has PLENTY of designs, had a hard time choosing! 

Super cute!!!!!!!!!!! =D

I love to buy all these lor! Used to buy alot for Raeann until she has a mind of her own and decided to hate all the girl stuffs and go into boyish style. But now, when i buy for meimei, she will say she wants it too becos she's a girl, lolol. 

This morning, meimei kept pointing to my heels and i told her, "when you grow bigger, mummy will buy for u ok?". Then jiejie said, "i also want, i want to wear the same with mummy and meimei too". 

Like i mentioned before, i'm fated to have girls becos i love shopping for little girl's stuffs; their dresses, shoes, accessories & etc! =)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Yesterday, i was just saying that i love watching them learn and do new things everyday. And my little one surprised me last evening, SHE CAN WALK ALREADY!!!

I must mark it down!

On 25th September 2012 (Tuesday), Raechelle as at 12 months & 5 days old, started to walk! 

P/S : Anyone knows how to attach video from FB to here? Last time can leh, now i cannot find the code to attach!

She's a little faster than her jiejie, Raeann started to walk at 13 months+!

Aiyo... I can sense terror days coming... Even though it's already quite terrible now, but it's gonna get more terrible until she's around 3!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The little mess-er!

Someone bought this super cute H&M top for her on her birthday, it's meant for 1-2 years old but it's super tight fit on her now! Little girl LOVES to drink plain water, which is good! =)

Now, look at how she mess...

She opened the cover with her teeth!

Pour everything out! =.=

Picked up from her pant & eat!

Other than sleep, food is the only thing that can keep her still. She MUST have something to do otherwise she will be wriggling & wriggling around. Another tom boy in the making? 

In fact, i love this stage the most! It's so fun watching them learn and do new things everyday. And, they don't know how to talk back yet, so won't vomit so much blood, yet. I realised, as they grow up, they become less & less cute and more & more irritating! I'm talking about Raeann here!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Testing out life with a helper around!

For the past 5 years, last Friday was the FIRST time i had a peaceful meal outside with my kids around. Someone "lended" us a temporary FDW for 3 days. (I'm still waiting for approval from MOM!)

So after picking my kids and the FDW home, we went to JP for dinner cos ZY wanna search for his game. And my mum asked me to bring W (let's call her W since it's the first letter of her name) along, to help me out with the kids.

It was the fucking first time i felt so relax bringing my kids out.

P/S : Mary seldom tag along to family dinner with us, becos she don't want. She will probably go 1 out of 80 times only. And for that 1 time she tagged along, i will let her eat first then pass my kids to her then i will eat. (wtf, i sounds more like a maid.)

This W is super automatic, she will do without any orders. For example, the moment she saw Raeann (for the first time), she automatically took rubber bands & "bluffed" Raeann to tie her hair. And she tried to get close to meimei, played with her, so that meimei will want to look for her.

That evening, she carried meimei for around 1 hour, i "felt" her tiredness and wanna take over from her, but she refused. So i asked ZY to go & take over to let her rest then she quickly snatched the big and small plastic bags from my hand and helped me to carry. Aww...

Both my kids liked her, Meimei let her carry & Raeann wanted her to bathe for her. (Raeann spoke to her in Malay cos she's from Indonesia, lol!)

Hahaha, you see, even got the chance to take pic inside the toilet cos she was attending to Raeann!! Mad love my new lacey blazer lah!! 

To thank her, i bought her 2 boxes of chocolates & biscuits and gave her some cash. I think, any FDW who is under me will be very lucky!!! 

But hor, i'm seriously not used to sucha life leh. The life of being an employer and let people 伺候. HAHAHA!

Bought these (stack-able drawers) to pack my lashes, skincares, etc etc in!

Did i mention before that i hate messy room? I super buay tahan to see my room messy, but the other three who are also using the room are super big mess-ers. No matter how i pack and throw, at the end of the day, it's still messy!!! How i miss my pre-married room!!! :(

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Think twice...

Before you curse someone! Cos karma will shoot right back at YOU!

Oh well, I don't have an evil heart/mouth cos no matter how much hatred & anger I have towards anyone, I'll never curse them at all.

Apparently, if you are someone who love to curse, you have absolutely NO right to say others have ugly heart cos your heart is actually the ugliest, get it?


Friday, September 21, 2012

Yet another round of celebration!

Raechelle: "Hello everybody, i'm ONE now!". 

Actually, this is her version of , she was trying to tell me that the food tasted good! 

We also bought another cake for her! 

Searched the whole IMM, cannot find one cake that's not too big and not too small, only this YOGURT cake. First time trying a yogurt cake, quite nice actually, taste like ice cream. 

Am glad the husband is now influenced by me, "to be fair to both of them". What jiejie have, meimei also must have & vice verse. If not, both also don't have. Simple! 

(Toys; either they share or both also cannot play!)

Side Track : 

That day, meimei took the long caramel lollipop to smack on Raeann's thigh (she was playing with it). I think it's quite painful cos there was red mark. I knew that meimei was unintentional and she's still a baby, i reckoned that she doesn't know it's painful.

But well, i smacked meimei's hand 4 times, and she cried. Then i told Raeann, "it's the same, if you make meimei, i'll also smack u". Who's wrong, who get the punishment! 

The husband came back at night and i told him what happened. And he nagged at me, said meimei is still small, why i smacked her! I asked him to stay at home and discipline them then. Simple logic, if i didn't do it, Raeann will think that we don't love her cos we are unfair to her. It's obviously not her fault (she was lying there reading something then meimei suddenly smacked her).

Sometimes, when Raeann's watching show on her iPhone, meimei will go and snatch the iPhone from her. In a situation like this, most people will ask the jiejie to lend it to meimei first, right? But for me, i'll take the phone from meimei and give it back to jiejie and distract meimei with other stuffs. 

Becos in my dictionary, there's no such thing as "大一定要让小". Likewise, i don't like others to give in to my kids either. 

Of cos, you don't have to agree with me becos everyone has their own ways to handle their own kids! I'm just doing what i think is right.


Wah piang, still refused to believe that one year has passed, just lidat???

Love you always & forever, my little baby terror! *blow kisses*

My god, September is a feasting month, i've been eating and eating and eating, like non stop. Oh no, this cannot be carried on!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Raechelle turns ONE today!!!

Happy 1st Birthday, my happy nut!

Please grow up well & healthy, stay happy and smiley always.

Appreciates the husband for remembering her birthday and offered to bring us out for dinner tonight before i mention anything. He said he deliberately went for billiard yesterday cos he wanna keep tonight for us! WOW, so noble hor??? LOL 

Two nights ago, i don't know what he did, he said he "injured" his hand and cham liao, he can't go for billiard the next few days. Initially, when he was complaining about his "injury", i really can't be bothered, haha. But the moment he said that he can't go for billiard, i don't know why, i became very excited and said "OH, it's a good thing what! If not, i can't even see your soul on weekdays!". 

Okay lah, i'm exaggerating, i do see him cos i sleep quite late sometimes, and at times when i'm hungry & requested him to buy food for me, he will TRY to be home a little earlier! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some random pictures!

Note : Uploaded "Their Rainbow Party" pics on fb this morning. Those who don't wish their pic to be posted or tagged, please let me know, i can remove it! :)

Found a few pics (different dates) on my hp, no time to create so many blog posts, shall put all the pics into this random post! =D

大识字 @ Cafe Cartel - 7th August 2012

Muay Thai - 26th August 2012

9th Sept 2012

At Chevrons attending ZY's friend's son's 1st birthday - 9th Sept 2012

Too huge to handle? LOL - 10th Sept 2012

She's bored, haha - 14th Sept 2012

14th Sept 2012

Last night, i asked meimei to go & sleep, she patted her Care bear (her baby) to sleep instead! So funny! It's amazing how much she can understand what we are talking about now, we didn't expect that she can. This stage, is super fun but also the most 'siong' stage for the care giver. Every weekends, i've to play catching with her for the whole day. Her action is super fast, so i (this old aunty) have to be fast too. 

Last Saturday, while helping Raeann to keep her toys (cos she doesn't know how to squeeze it back into the box), i've to catch meimei TWELVE times at the stairs, within that short period of time. I turned my head only, she was already at the stairs. I walked over, she already climbed half of it. I cannot run becos she will think that i'm playing with her and she will climb even faster, i'm afraid that she will fall. I must be fast and swift in order not to let her notice me. YES, this is how i slimmed down.

Work, kids, work, kids, work, kids, work, kids, don't even have time to go shopping! No time to watch HK series either. Who said ONLY SAHM is as busy as a bee?! What a joke!

Seriously, there should be two different terms for mothers who stay at home, so that people won't mis-use it to make themselves seem oh-so-noble.

1) SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) - One who has to do household chores, cook & attend to kids.

2) SAHDNM (Stay At Home Do Nothing Mom) - One who ONLY has to attend to kids, no need to cook or do any household chores.
Wah lau, if my husband can support me, i also don't want to work lor. I'd rather be a SAHDNM than a FTWM. At least, i can sleep late cos i can nap when my kids nap or in school, i can go shopping while they are in class and most importantly, I DON'T HAVE TO WORK TO EARN A LIVING.

Okay, i shall use #TheSecret to fulfill my wish - TO BE A TAI TAI! LOLOL

Monday, September 17, 2012

Love my complexion now!

I am indeed lucky to be born with good complexion. But i took it for granted and don't bother to take care of it at all, so it's getting bad as i aged; DRY. Therefore, i decided to invest some money on skin care products before it's too late.

However, i still can't bear to spend on expensive product like SKII (but buy for others, I ok). Those over $50, i will not even consider, lol. Yes, i'm VERY stingy on skin care becos i've very sensitive skin, i do not wish to spend few hundreds on it and then to realise that i can't use it at all. 

After lots of research, i managed to find one that works like magic on me and i named it the "magic cream". 

My complexion has improved alot ever since i started using "magic cream" for the past one week. It's so amazing & inexpensive and i've "tempted" many people to buy it. Tested and proven on my super sensitive skin, i hope those people will love it too! :)

Pardon my cock face, i'm just showing how my face glows now!!! 

I love how MATT my makeup stays throughout the day now. Not oily or dry at all.

The above two pics are non edited with no filter and very mild make up. You can just ignore my eye bags becos this cream doesn't work on eye bags, only skin. And my double eyelids go hay-wire without putting on the stickers, sickening. 

Oh, i'm not gonna reveal what cream i'm using becos 1) this is not an advertorial and 2) it might not work on everyone. If it's good, nobody will thank me but if it's bad, people will blame me. But if you're my friend and you trusted me, you can come and ask me. I'll be most willing to share with you! :)

Anyway, Bo is back from her one week HK holiday last night, we went to pick her up from the airport then went for dinner; laksa steamboat! 

As usual, they ordered way TOO MUCH food and we left the restaurant with a big tummy. Till now, i still feel very bloated. Eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, i think i've to sew up my mouth in order not to get fat! =X

This Raechelle hor, i really buay tahan her, need to think of new "ways" to handle her. She cannot sit or keep still at all!!! Climbed out of the baby chair despite being tied, put her back, she tried to "slip" down from the chair until her hands got stuck. Brought Raeann to the toilet, i heard her calling "ma ma ma ma" so loudly outside. I came out to see Jerlyn helping out with her while the husband sat there, happily eating. And he still can tell me, "she's looking for you, i bo bian". =.=

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another mini celebration...

Note : HELLO Kidz Amaze staffs! LOL! Called up Kidz Amaze two days ago, and was told that one of their part-timer actually recognized me so he/she asked them to read my blog, hahaha!


Asked the husband to go home earlier yesterday, becos it's Raeann's actual birthday. I promised that i'll bring her to buy a mini Power Ranger cake, which she requested. We fixed our dinner at NYNY cos that was the only restaurant without queue. I HATE TO QUEUE! 

Tio molested, lolol! 

My happy baby~

Very kpo!

She grabbed this Care Bear off the shelf & hugged it very tightly, refused to let go. So, no choice, gotta buy it for her. Then she pointed to another Care Bear and said "chie chie", asking us to buy that for her jiejie. But jiejie has a bigger one already. 

Granted her wish! We're lucky cos it's the last piece already.

A mini cake becos the whole fridge is flooded with cakes!

She wanted to celebrate it with aunty Mary cos she's going back soon, due to some family problem. Last Saturday, she was too busy playing and there was no chance for them to take a proper pic together! 

Raeann was kinda sad when she asked Mary, "aunty, when are you going back?" Did i mention before? Raeann is a very emo kid. She watch cartoon also can watch until sob lor. Super sympathetic one! But wait! Mary is coming back what, in around 3 weeks to one month time!

Well, Mary has been with us for the past 9 years. Although she's very lazy, good at eating snake, super good at gossiping, quite bad at housework, takes forever to wash and iron clothes and pro at spoiling clothes or making it disappear (???), but i cannot deny that she loves my kids. Maybe becos she's a mother herself, and thus, she knows how to take care and love kids.

Just learnt this - As an employer, we have to be realistic, cannot expect our FDW to be good at everything. However hor, my mum employed her to do housework leh, not to look after kids and i seldom ask her to look after my kids also. 

I just gotta the Certificate of Attendance on FDW-EOP, cos i wanna try (due to some reasons, it's harder to get approval) employing another maid. With meimei around now, i'm unable to help out with anything when Mary goes back, so yes, we need another maid. If it's approved & the maid is good, i will still keep her when Mary comes back. 

Am very thrilled whenever i think of this. Though yes, my financial burden will be heavier, but if she's able to give me some good helps, i don't mind lah! :)

I'm so saddddd... There's a business trip to Germany end of this month, but I CANNOT GO cos there's no one to help me to look after my kids!!! *cry* So you see, this is what i meant by, "career OR family", there's no such thing as "career AND family". For my case, it's ONLY my kids that matter. Not 伟大, it's cos i've no choice. I brought them to this world, they are my responsibilities. Well, most mummies are sacrificing alot for their kids, it's not only YOU or me, so yes, all mummies are great! =D