Sunday, September 9, 2012

A simple Thank You note!

Yesterday's party was a BLAST! 100% attendances from my side and around 95% from ZY's side, about 100 guests including kids. Most of them stayed all the way, till the party ended. A big big thank you to those who have attended (especially those whom I informed only at the very last minute), your presence made all my 6 months efforts worthwhile, appreciate it lots! Without you guys, this party will not be so lively and fun!

Thanks for all the gifts and angbaos as well, Raeann's so busy opening all of them up since last night, lol. (Meimei jitao K.O on the way home!)

Many thanks to my family, XS & Meiling who came earlier to help me out with the settings and deco, Meiling's hubby, Teck Siong for the wonderful photography service too. (If anyone's interested, email me for his contact!)

The food didn't left much, one thing which I'm happy about!! Not becos I won the bet with PY, but it proved that all my guests are super steady + I think the food should be not bad, according to their feedbacks. I didn't have the chance to try most of the dishes though.

My most satisfied preparation for the whole party is, THEIR RAINBOW CAKE!! No words can actually describe how pretty and love I have for that cake. Not only me, everyone commented that it's really really pretty! It's exactly the same from the design I wanted, so amazed by aunty's skill.

(I got the inspiration from search engine then modified here and there by myself and asked her to customise it for me.)

Moreover, it's not expensive!!! This is what's good from being an aunty. You will source and source and source for the cheap but good stuffs.

The husband said many people went to ask him, "where did you buy/make/order this or that huh?". Haha, but he don't know, cos I'm the one doing everything.

Besides the cake, I'm quite satisfied with the banner & balloons as well, it literally brightened up the whole party room & mood. All kids love balloons, so it's necessary to have it in a kid's party.

Lastly, the venue, Kidz Amaze. Well, I didn't regret choosing there to hold my party becos it's like a "dreamland" for kids. All my little guests enjoyed themselves (some even cried cos they refused to go home), some of my adult guests enjoyed too (today confirm here ache there ache, hahaha).

However, I don't understand why they refused to let us in to set up first and insisted that we must wait till 5:30pm even though the room was available as there's no one holding a party before that? My party started at 6pm, they (initially) only allow us in at 5:30pm, 30 mins to do so much things, think we are superman?

We reached there at 5:05pm, waited till 5:15pm then i went down to scold them. I don't think my request is unreasonable cos the room was available, so I don't see any reason why we should wait outside the vacant room with big & small bags on the floor like idiots? Moreover, the buffet has called & said that they're gonna reach soon.

(I asked the balloons & buffet to arrive at 5:30pm sharp. But the buffet arrived at 5:20pm.)

In fact, I feel that 3 hours is too short! Everything was kinda rush. People come, eat, play, cut cake and we gotta start packing up cos they will chase us out once 3 hours is up. Just imagine how many pairs of helping hands I need? How am I gonna do it if I'm alone?

3 hours + 30 kids free admission + super inflexible with the timing = almost $600. Worth? Judge it yourself.

But overall, this party is a great success, it turned out livelier than I expected, all becos of our spontaneous guests & helps that were rendered to us.


Can't wait to see all the pictures!!! Hope I don't look too fat! =x The pictures are ready, photographer is super efficient sia! Give me some time ok? I'll sort it out and send the soft copies to you guys via FB or email!

P/S : Tell u all one secret, the angbaos we collected (excluding my mum's fat one), broke even with the amount we spent! Omg! Still got plenty of gifts lor!!

Honestly, I NEVER expect to even collect half the amount back. I was serious when I said I only want attendances and fun, gifts and angbaos are not important, at all.

It's my first time holding a birthday party (among friends) for my kids (never hold for Raeann before too), and it shall be the last too. Which is why, I only wanted a memorable one and 不是为了钱.


  1. Indeed a made to measure cake..
    NICE !!

  2. Nice cake!! Raechelle inherit the way u smile, she look so sweet~ happy Bdae to Raeann n Raechelle!

  3. Woo~the cake was indeed beautiful... May I know where u ordered from? Ur bb gal smile was sO sweet!

  4. Thank you all. Hey Leen, email me!

  5. hi. can i know where u order the cake? and also can i have the photographer contact as well?


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