Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another mini celebration...

Note : HELLO Kidz Amaze staffs! LOL! Called up Kidz Amaze two days ago, and was told that one of their part-timer actually recognized me so he/she asked them to read my blog, hahaha!


Asked the husband to go home earlier yesterday, becos it's Raeann's actual birthday. I promised that i'll bring her to buy a mini Power Ranger cake, which she requested. We fixed our dinner at NYNY cos that was the only restaurant without queue. I HATE TO QUEUE! 

Tio molested, lolol! 

My happy baby~

Very kpo!

She grabbed this Care Bear off the shelf & hugged it very tightly, refused to let go. So, no choice, gotta buy it for her. Then she pointed to another Care Bear and said "chie chie", asking us to buy that for her jiejie. But jiejie has a bigger one already. 

Granted her wish! We're lucky cos it's the last piece already.

A mini cake becos the whole fridge is flooded with cakes!

She wanted to celebrate it with aunty Mary cos she's going back soon, due to some family problem. Last Saturday, she was too busy playing and there was no chance for them to take a proper pic together! 

Raeann was kinda sad when she asked Mary, "aunty, when are you going back?" Did i mention before? Raeann is a very emo kid. She watch cartoon also can watch until sob lor. Super sympathetic one! But wait! Mary is coming back what, in around 3 weeks to one month time!

Well, Mary has been with us for the past 9 years. Although she's very lazy, good at eating snake, super good at gossiping, quite bad at housework, takes forever to wash and iron clothes and pro at spoiling clothes or making it disappear (???), but i cannot deny that she loves my kids. Maybe becos she's a mother herself, and thus, she knows how to take care and love kids.

Just learnt this - As an employer, we have to be realistic, cannot expect our FDW to be good at everything. However hor, my mum employed her to do housework leh, not to look after kids and i seldom ask her to look after my kids also. 

I just gotta the Certificate of Attendance on FDW-EOP, cos i wanna try (due to some reasons, it's harder to get approval) employing another maid. With meimei around now, i'm unable to help out with anything when Mary goes back, so yes, we need another maid. If it's approved & the maid is good, i will still keep her when Mary comes back. 

Am very thrilled whenever i think of this. Though yes, my financial burden will be heavier, but if she's able to give me some good helps, i don't mind lah! :)

I'm so saddddd... There's a business trip to Germany end of this month, but I CANNOT GO cos there's no one to help me to look after my kids!!! *cry* So you see, this is what i meant by, "career OR family", there's no such thing as "career AND family". For my case, it's ONLY my kids that matter. Not 伟大, it's cos i've no choice. I brought them to this world, they are my responsibilities. Well, most mummies are sacrificing alot for their kids, it's not only YOU or me, so yes, all mummies are great! =D

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