Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Super duper frustrated today, i NEED to rant it out now! *roar*

Literally wasted my precious time WAITING for the whole of today, brought my dad for check ups at two different hospitals (one private and one government).

First destination; a certain private hospital.

Set off earlier as my dad has to take his cholesterol test (no food intake). Then, waited one hour for his test result. This, i can understand, one hour is not unreasonable. While waiting, we went for breakfast and see another specialist to check his itchy ears (alot of problems man).

Checked here and there, we were done in about 2 hours+ time. Still slightly early for the next appointment at a certain government hospital, he insisted to go back office first. Go back for less than 30 minutes, i've to set off again. Imagine, west - north - west - central. He must have thought that i love to drive so much.

Second destination; a certain government hospital.

We were very punctual for the appointment, did not late, slightly earlier in fact. BUT, even with an appointment, we waited for THREE FUCKING HOURS and the doctor sees us for THREE MINUTES (skipped us and see those q-numbers ahead of us first). Shiok not? (The first time he went, i waited for 6 hours!)

In SG, you can fall sick only if you're super rich. If you're those sandwich class (like me), die will be a better choice.

My dad went to a government hospital becos the private's charges for this treatment is too steep. We can't afford that one lump sum at one shot.

But the waiting time can kill, really. I cannot imagine if my dad is doing all his treatments in a government hospital, i might have died, waiting. And would have got sack if i'm holding a job elsewhere.

IF, i'm those who stay at home shake leg & eng eng go shopping kind of person, no problem, wait everyday also never mind. But i'm not, i've tons of things to do.

Beside working & looking after kids at night/weekends, i've to settle the kids' party stuffs all alone. I search/order/buy/pack everything alone, went down to book venue alone & plan everything all by myself. Nobody is helping me at all!

Yes, i'm REALLY VERY BUSY and not as free as what some people think! And today, i wasted one whole day of my precious time, waiting, that's why i am so angry!!!


  1. Hope everything is alright for Ur dad!

  2. Thank u Huishan! He ah... still can scold people so i think should be okay, lolol.

  3. Oops!! I'm Joanne, didn't know my SIL didn't log out her blogger account, lol!


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