Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Their Rainbow Party (II) :: Party Theme + Setups

New designs on my hands and toes! =D

Colorful enough? LOL! Deliberately chosen these to suit my girls' birthday theme. Saw it on a book and modified it myself with different colors. My manicurist told me that one of her customer always love the designs i made and asked her to do the same for her as well! I set my own trend, lol. 

The theme i've chosen for my girls' birthday party is CARE BEARS, cos whenever i see Care Bears, i will think of RAINBOW. Based on my own observation, seeing rainbow makes alot of people very happy. So yes, the keyword "happy", i want my girls to be very happy on that day, i want all the invited kids and adults to be very happy as well! And well, i grew up with Care Bears, i like Care Bears! =D

But, Care Bears stuffs are so so so so so difficult to find in SG. Yes, there are still people selling, but it's very expensive and limited. Which is why, i spent alot alot alot of time sourcing for it, i've bought those that i can find. And for those that i felt it's not worth or can't find, i customized some and kept continue finding the rest, until i gave up. I told myself, "just make it a Care Bears rainbow party then", which means, colorful. I tried to buy everything colorful, even plates, forks and spoons, lol. (That's why i keep getting scolded!)

This plate costed me $0.75 EACH and i bought 32 pcs of it, for the cake cutting session. 

Seriously, when i bought that time (in March i think?), i didn't think or calculate at all. If i did, i wouldn't buy a paper plate at $0.75 and then throw after use. And obviously, these are not enough for ALL the guests so i will give this only to kids. Then i went to buy more...

Similar color but no prints and much cheaper @ about $0.30 per pc, for the adults. 

But, it's still not enough now as i didn't expect to invite so many people in the end, so i went to buy more, but plain normal ugly ones this time round cos kena scolded again, hahahahah! (Sorry, no pics!)

Colorful teaspoons and forks, for eating the cake! And pink lunch plates as spare cos i'm worried that the buffet company might not provide enough. Ya, i very 夸张, even spare plate also must be in pink. Oh yes, got scolded again.

Keepsake cups at $4 EACH.

You know what i wanna use this for? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! For putting forks and spoons ok!!! Cos i feel that it will look very messy lying around, whahahahahhaha!

And i specially ordered this teaspoon holder from Korea for the cake cutting area. Cos i scare the keepsake cup will fly away as it's too light, lolol. (Okay, i know u feel like slapping me now.)

Then then, dark blue forks and spoons and yellow cups as spare. And 1 x Care Bears plastic table cloth at $12.00. Wanna get another two more but the size doesn't seem appropriate and yes, kena stopped and scolded again. Sigh

But i eventually found the table cloth in the color i want!!! Reusable type, $2 only!!! So happy! 

Bought this, but don't know for what? LOL

This also, don't know for what? Hahaha

Colorful paper cups as spare (again), i think i've too many spare items. LOL


Hope i will have enough space to display all these on that day! 

There are still some other stuffs i bought like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" candles, inflated foil balloons & etc, but i guess i've no use for them at all.

Okok, i know, all these are VERY redundant stuffs, that's why i said, i cannot go and think about it. As for those relevant ones, i've either placed my orders or customized it. I wished i can DIY something on my own, but i've no talent and time for it. 

Seriously, planning a party is not hard (quite fun actually but very time consuming). BUT, sourcing for those stuffs within the budget, is DAMN HARD. We didn't set any budget for this party, but i tried to minimize the cost by sourcing for the cheapest suppliers. If i'm not wrong, we spent around $2.5K for everything. Ok what, right?

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