Monday, September 3, 2012

金姐's love!

Met up with my confinement aunty earlier cos she bought clothes for my two kiddos, and a pack of 马蹄酥 for me. This is the 3rd time she bought me freshly made 马蹄酥 (and some other food) from her hometown, just becos i mentioned before that it's yummy! I told her i saw some shops in SG selling it too, she said SG ones are not fresh, her side ones are baked freshly everyday, lol.

She sure knows Raeann very well, no skirt or dress, lol! 

She just finished confinement for one of my reader today and coming back again next month to do for this reader's friend. Aunty said that she's extremely busy this year, most of the confinements she has done/is gonna do are either my friends/readers, my friend/reader's friend or relative's friend. I'm happy that i helped her in a way. And even more happy when those mummies (whom i recommend aunty to them) came back and tell me that they love aunty as much as i do! :)

Good things must share, i'm not selfish, i'm very willing to share, just that some people are extremely irritating. Obviously, i remember who is the one who recommended aunty to me. But well, recommendation is one thing, to keep and maintain the relationship is another. I put in efforts to keep and remember aunty is cos i feel that she's worth it. And she put in efforts by buying me nice food from her hometown, giving me a call everytime she's in SG and paying us a visit (and cook for us, lol) when she's free. Talking about this, i still owe her one casino trip, i promised her before that i will bring her (and go inside with her) to the casino when she's free (in SG). But she's far too busy this year, next year probably?


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