Friday, September 28, 2012

Hair Accessories + Pacifier Clip

Ordered these from one of my blog reader, Bernice. Actually, i only ordered the Little Twin Star and the pacifier clip, the pair of Hello Kitty was a gift from her to Raechelle. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! =D

I've this special craze over Sanrio characters, especially Little Twin Star! Sweet! 

Rubber band for jiejie and alligator clip for meimei. 

Pacifier clip for meimei, she has PLENTY of designs, had a hard time choosing! 

Super cute!!!!!!!!!!! =D

I love to buy all these lor! Used to buy alot for Raeann until she has a mind of her own and decided to hate all the girl stuffs and go into boyish style. But now, when i buy for meimei, she will say she wants it too becos she's a girl, lolol. 

This morning, meimei kept pointing to my heels and i told her, "when you grow bigger, mummy will buy for u ok?". Then jiejie said, "i also want, i want to wear the same with mummy and meimei too". 

Like i mentioned before, i'm fated to have girls becos i love shopping for little girl's stuffs; their dresses, shoes, accessories & etc! =)

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