Monday, September 24, 2012

Testing out life with a helper around!

For the past 5 years, last Friday was the FIRST time i had a peaceful meal outside with my kids around. Someone "lended" us a temporary FDW for 3 days. (I'm still waiting for approval from MOM!)

So after picking my kids and the FDW home, we went to JP for dinner cos ZY wanna search for his game. And my mum asked me to bring W (let's call her W since it's the first letter of her name) along, to help me out with the kids.

It was the fucking first time i felt so relax bringing my kids out.

P/S : Mary seldom tag along to family dinner with us, becos she don't want. She will probably go 1 out of 80 times only. And for that 1 time she tagged along, i will let her eat first then pass my kids to her then i will eat. (wtf, i sounds more like a maid.)

This W is super automatic, she will do without any orders. For example, the moment she saw Raeann (for the first time), she automatically took rubber bands & "bluffed" Raeann to tie her hair. And she tried to get close to meimei, played with her, so that meimei will want to look for her.

That evening, she carried meimei for around 1 hour, i "felt" her tiredness and wanna take over from her, but she refused. So i asked ZY to go & take over to let her rest then she quickly snatched the big and small plastic bags from my hand and helped me to carry. Aww...

Both my kids liked her, Meimei let her carry & Raeann wanted her to bathe for her. (Raeann spoke to her in Malay cos she's from Indonesia, lol!)

Hahaha, you see, even got the chance to take pic inside the toilet cos she was attending to Raeann!! Mad love my new lacey blazer lah!! 

To thank her, i bought her 2 boxes of chocolates & biscuits and gave her some cash. I think, any FDW who is under me will be very lucky!!! 

But hor, i'm seriously not used to sucha life leh. The life of being an employer and let people 伺候. HAHAHA!

Bought these (stack-able drawers) to pack my lashes, skincares, etc etc in!

Did i mention before that i hate messy room? I super buay tahan to see my room messy, but the other three who are also using the room are super big mess-ers. No matter how i pack and throw, at the end of the day, it's still messy!!! How i miss my pre-married room!!! :(

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