Monday, September 17, 2012

Love my complexion now!

I am indeed lucky to be born with good complexion. But i took it for granted and don't bother to take care of it at all, so it's getting bad as i aged; DRY. Therefore, i decided to invest some money on skin care products before it's too late.

However, i still can't bear to spend on expensive product like SKII (but buy for others, I ok). Those over $50, i will not even consider, lol. Yes, i'm VERY stingy on skin care becos i've very sensitive skin, i do not wish to spend few hundreds on it and then to realise that i can't use it at all. 

After lots of research, i managed to find one that works like magic on me and i named it the "magic cream". 

My complexion has improved alot ever since i started using "magic cream" for the past one week. It's so amazing & inexpensive and i've "tempted" many people to buy it. Tested and proven on my super sensitive skin, i hope those people will love it too! :)

Pardon my cock face, i'm just showing how my face glows now!!! 

I love how MATT my makeup stays throughout the day now. Not oily or dry at all.

The above two pics are non edited with no filter and very mild make up. You can just ignore my eye bags becos this cream doesn't work on eye bags, only skin. And my double eyelids go hay-wire without putting on the stickers, sickening. 

Oh, i'm not gonna reveal what cream i'm using becos 1) this is not an advertorial and 2) it might not work on everyone. If it's good, nobody will thank me but if it's bad, people will blame me. But if you're my friend and you trusted me, you can come and ask me. I'll be most willing to share with you! :)

Anyway, Bo is back from her one week HK holiday last night, we went to pick her up from the airport then went for dinner; laksa steamboat! 

As usual, they ordered way TOO MUCH food and we left the restaurant with a big tummy. Till now, i still feel very bloated. Eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, i think i've to sew up my mouth in order not to get fat! =X

This Raechelle hor, i really buay tahan her, need to think of new "ways" to handle her. She cannot sit or keep still at all!!! Climbed out of the baby chair despite being tied, put her back, she tried to "slip" down from the chair until her hands got stuck. Brought Raeann to the toilet, i heard her calling "ma ma ma ma" so loudly outside. I came out to see Jerlyn helping out with her while the husband sat there, happily eating. And he still can tell me, "she's looking for you, i bo bian". =.=


  1. Wow , I interested to know the magic cream !! I also hv sensitive skin so I dun dare any hw buy skin products.. And my skin keep having pimples or can I say rashes .. Don't knw how to cure them.. I wan my nice nice complexion back!!! Share with me the name of magic cream...

  2. Hi Joanne, im interested to know about your magic cream. Dont mind to share with me, i hv sensitive and dry skin. :-(

    my email:

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi Pretty mummy.

    Pls share. I have really sensitive skin easily will have pimples popping out so i so scare to anyhow buy skincare. Now my face is cui till i hate going out expect for going to work bo bian. Pls share. Thank you in advance. Million Thanks. If it's no work will not blame cause everybody hav edifferent skin need. Right?

  4. LOLOL, nope, not gonna share here. You can email me! :)

  5. hi. i'm interested to know too


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