Thursday, September 20, 2012

Raechelle turns ONE today!!!

Happy 1st Birthday, my happy nut!

Please grow up well & healthy, stay happy and smiley always.

Appreciates the husband for remembering her birthday and offered to bring us out for dinner tonight before i mention anything. He said he deliberately went for billiard yesterday cos he wanna keep tonight for us! WOW, so noble hor??? LOL 

Two nights ago, i don't know what he did, he said he "injured" his hand and cham liao, he can't go for billiard the next few days. Initially, when he was complaining about his "injury", i really can't be bothered, haha. But the moment he said that he can't go for billiard, i don't know why, i became very excited and said "OH, it's a good thing what! If not, i can't even see your soul on weekdays!". 

Okay lah, i'm exaggerating, i do see him cos i sleep quite late sometimes, and at times when i'm hungry & requested him to buy food for me, he will TRY to be home a little earlier! :)


  1. Hi Pretty mummy.

    You are slim even u have 2 cuties kids. How do u slim your tummy so fast? My kid is 4yrs old already yet my tummy is so fat and big. So ugly max.

    Please give some advices and help if can will appreciate it so much. Thank you so so much.

  2. Hi there,

    Thank u for your compliment but sad to say, i'm nowhere near slim. :( Although yes, i've got even lighter than my pre-preg weight but based on my height, i cannot be considered slim.

    Well, i'm the type of people where most of my fats will be accumulated on my arms and thighs (will look more proportion this way, hahaha), less on tummy and nothing on boobs, lol. I do have a little tummy lah, but it's not obvious when i'm standing.

    Try doing some exercise? Maybe sit ups or hula hoop can help! :)


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