Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some random pictures!

Note : Uploaded "Their Rainbow Party" pics on fb this morning. Those who don't wish their pic to be posted or tagged, please let me know, i can remove it! :)

Found a few pics (different dates) on my hp, no time to create so many blog posts, shall put all the pics into this random post! =D

大识字 @ Cafe Cartel - 7th August 2012

Muay Thai - 26th August 2012

9th Sept 2012

At Chevrons attending ZY's friend's son's 1st birthday - 9th Sept 2012

Too huge to handle? LOL - 10th Sept 2012

She's bored, haha - 14th Sept 2012

14th Sept 2012

Last night, i asked meimei to go & sleep, she patted her Care bear (her baby) to sleep instead! So funny! It's amazing how much she can understand what we are talking about now, we didn't expect that she can. This stage, is super fun but also the most 'siong' stage for the care giver. Every weekends, i've to play catching with her for the whole day. Her action is super fast, so i (this old aunty) have to be fast too. 

Last Saturday, while helping Raeann to keep her toys (cos she doesn't know how to squeeze it back into the box), i've to catch meimei TWELVE times at the stairs, within that short period of time. I turned my head only, she was already at the stairs. I walked over, she already climbed half of it. I cannot run becos she will think that i'm playing with her and she will climb even faster, i'm afraid that she will fall. I must be fast and swift in order not to let her notice me. YES, this is how i slimmed down.

Work, kids, work, kids, work, kids, work, kids, don't even have time to go shopping! No time to watch HK series either. Who said ONLY SAHM is as busy as a bee?! What a joke!

Seriously, there should be two different terms for mothers who stay at home, so that people won't mis-use it to make themselves seem oh-so-noble.

1) SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) - One who has to do household chores, cook & attend to kids.

2) SAHDNM (Stay At Home Do Nothing Mom) - One who ONLY has to attend to kids, no need to cook or do any household chores.
Wah lau, if my husband can support me, i also don't want to work lor. I'd rather be a SAHDNM than a FTWM. At least, i can sleep late cos i can nap when my kids nap or in school, i can go shopping while they are in class and most importantly, I DON'T HAVE TO WORK TO EARN A LIVING.

Okay, i shall use #TheSecret to fulfill my wish - TO BE A TAI TAI! LOLOL


  1. Totally agreed with u. Only looking after kids preparing the them n said till very busy n wei da... - -" Too bad,not as Heng as her...mi a real sahm... Must cook,do housework n look after kids.... Haha,funny of ur sahdnm!

  2. Hahaha, your "her" is referring to who huh? LOLOL I wonder if we're talking about the same person.

  3. Hmm... I guess we are talking abt the same person as she was posting n so wanting to let everyone knows her busyness... Lmao! Hehe...

  4. Wahhahahahaha, this is so funny, she's well known for her self proclaimed noble-ness. Yes, she must MAKE SURE everyone knows it and praise her, otherwise she won't be posting like everyday? LOL

    Busy....... taking and posting pictures, camwhoring, shopping, watch hk series, paint nails... yeah, so busy!

  5. I thought am the only few who think so, doesnt know she's sO 'Popular' Haha... Yeah! She's really very busy~~ Lol

  6. LOL, that's the point, i didn't know you know her too. Oh well. We're definitely not the only few who thought so becos she was brought to my attention by someone too!


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