Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The little mess-er!

Someone bought this super cute H&M top for her on her birthday, it's meant for 1-2 years old but it's super tight fit on her now! Little girl LOVES to drink plain water, which is good! =)

Now, look at how she mess...

She opened the cover with her teeth!

Pour everything out! =.=

Picked up from her pant & eat!

Other than sleep, food is the only thing that can keep her still. She MUST have something to do otherwise she will be wriggling & wriggling around. Another tom boy in the making? 

In fact, i love this stage the most! It's so fun watching them learn and do new things everyday. And, they don't know how to talk back yet, so won't vomit so much blood, yet. I realised, as they grow up, they become less & less cute and more & more irritating! I'm talking about Raeann here!

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