Thursday, September 6, 2012

Their Rainbow Party (III) :: Party Favors

Don't know why, i feel that giving out party favors is a MUST in all (kids) parties. Which is why, i putted in quite alot of efforts & time to search for it. As i mentioned before, Care Bears party favors are so limited in SG and it's not worth it at all. (Imagine a paper blowout at about $1 per pc!) Therefore, i customized buckets, bought candies, chocolates, crackers & etc seperately and those whistles, yoyo & etc without Care Bears prints at about half the price. Then i packed those items into each individual bucket.

Why buckets?

Cos the buckets are reusable! As in, people can re-use it to put their small toy parts? money? stationey? whatever they want but not big items lah. The buckets come with a lid and handle.

Note to the guests : You have to peel away the small tab to open up the lid. I've sealed it up completely to prevent ants and 漏风. 100% freshness, lolol. 

Even though the favors inside are all for kids, adults also can take (if they want), as a souvenir cos a "Thank you" note with my kids' pictures is printed and pasted on the bucket...

Well, i hope that people won't draw or vandalize their pictures!!!
P/S : If don't like, can just tear it out.

This is the final design i confirmed, but the print-out turned out very dark, alot darker than this! Was a little disappointed when i saw the real thing. And ZY kept saying that i'm stupid becos the cost for this is very cheap only but i'm paying more than it's worth. Always the case one lah, ask for his opinion, he say "anything" or "you decide lah" but after i order/buy, he will nag at me! =,=

Anyone remember this? 

Balloons; i don't know why kids love it so much, i'm so so so so so scare of it.

Light sticks!!! 

Well, i didn't put in any stationery cos there are quite a few toddlers, worried that they might "eat" it. But initially, before i decided not to put any stationery, i bought these...

Smiley erasers!! $0.50 EACH lor. No idea what to do with them now!

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  1. Wow! Party flavours!! I wan I wan!!!
    U r a great mum!! Put in so much heart n effort!! ;D


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