Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Their Rainbow Party (IV) :: And The Party Begins!

On our way to collect the cake...

She's super excited!

The 3 pictures above are taken by Bobo, with the Sony dua leng kong. #failed #lousycamera #lousyskill

Thank god i bring a cardigan along, the room is damn fucking cold!

Jamie's masters; Javier & Jerron. 

She holds these two balloons in her hand for a long time!

Raechelle + Chloe (niece).

Leann; entertaining Raechelle with her phone!

My "new" niece; Leryee.



Raeann (You see how tom boy this girl is? Horrible.) + Amby (Lynn's missy).

Lydia's master & missy; Jayden & Jayann.

I think this angel here is Aisleyne; Apple's 2nd missy.

Liz's master.

This is taken with my phone, thus explained the color difference. 

Actually, there's a meaning behind this design (my OWN meaning). As you can see, both cakes with their names on each are connected by rainbow, i want both of them to stay "connected" forever and we are their rainbow. 

Natural blush!

Hongfu & Jasmine's master & missy. 

Liz's family.

Bryan's family. HAHA! How time flies, i knew this guy for more than 10 years already! Will never ever forget how i get to know him, lolol. 

Zing, Yin & Tian.

SIL's family, all of them dote on my two girls alot, thank you so much!!! :)

Samuel's family. I knew Samuel when i was 19 years old, forgotten how i knew him though. Watched him "upgrade" from single - attached - married - father. His son very handsome hor? Heehee!

Matchmaking in process... LOL!

Lydia & her missy; Jayann.

My bro & gf; Jerlyn. 

Balloon from Tian Tian & Yin Yin! 

Too many pictures, lazy to post all of them up. 

Once again, i'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to :-

1) Our immediate families,
2) my uncle, aunty, cousins & Angeline,
3) Ethan & his parents,
4) my SIL's parents, Tian Tian & Yin Yin,
5) my very good friends + their family - PY, XS, Meiling, Cheryl, Aliza, 
6) my mummy-friends + their kids - E-ling, Leann (and her mum), Lydia, Lynn & Jamie,
7) my very good daddy-friends + their family - Bryan & Samuel,
8) and all ZY's friends + their family - Jasmine & Hongfu, Jolene, Tecksoon, Zhanjun, Collin, Henry, Jackie, Ah sim, Xiaohui & bf, etc etc etc (cos i don't know their real names, lolol).

谢谢你们!!! Hope you all had fun that night! :)

The husband asked, why i didn't invite that who and that who who who? Well, i've made it a point to hold this as THEIR party and not mine. So, i invited only friends (those in contact) with kids. It's not that those friends without kids are not important, but i don't want them to spend money to buy gifts or give angbaos. Even when i say that they can come empty handed, but i doubt anyone will do so?

If you've noticed, we didn't invite our relatives as well, only immediate families. If we were to invite everyone, i think i will have to book the whole Kidz Amaze down. Not that i 夸张, but i do have alot of relatives, so does the husband. 

Planning a party alone is really damn tedious & time consuming. I used every minute of my free time in the office and at night (after meimei sleep) to source and source and source, then email every single one of them to get quotations, then liaise with them, then etc etc etc, i don't really wish to recall what i've done for the past 6 months, hahaha!

However, as what my SIL said, seeing how successful the party turned out, made me have lots of 满足感. It's also a test for myself, "看看我的人缘好不好". Sounds logical right? If you're fucked up, who will wanna attend your party? 

Oh well, it's proven, hahahahahaha, i'm NOT fucked up at all, becos ALL my guests turned up. LOLOL! (The husband said, "you said u didn't invite alot of people, but your friends, so many lor!") 

And after that night, many people come and tell me, "Raechelle is really a happy baby". Yeah, she's always smiling. Leann said, it's cos when i'm expecting her, i'm always happy & smiling. I think so too? Not those ki siao smile for nothing lah, but i kept my mood happy, always. I think i only cried once throughout the whole pregnancy. Unlike Raeann's, i kept crying, which eventually led me to depression. 

However, i've snapped out of depression LONG TIME AGO, so, please don't use my past illness to attack me, it just shows how LOW you are. Maybe, you are the one having depression yourself? 

My mum told me yesterday, "i'm sure someone (no pun intended) will copy your ideas soon". HAHAHA! Yes, i think so too. But it's okay, just don't be lame to say "it's only coinciLAN" or "you get the ideas from your friends". "Your friends" = MY BLOG? LOLOL! 


  1. Hi, do u mind sharing the contact for the cake?
    And oso the confinement nanny contact. Thank you very much

    My email is Ashley_mummy@hotmail.com

  2. Hi there,

    Please email me, so i just forward their contacts to u, thanks!

  3. your girls are very happy kids! i love how your baby girl smiles! she resembles u. big one more like dad.

  4. Haha Fen, i just shown my mum the pics. If you noticed, there's one pic, the way Raeann and her father smile, very similar.

    Yesterday ZY said, "meimei really know how to pose for photos man". I told him, "yes, and it's confirmed inherited from me. You and Raeann the same, take photos like shit". HAHAHAHA

  5. At least zy is looking at the camera this time for family photo. Haha! Many times the photo you posted, he was seeing somewhere else. Lol

  6. Yes yes yes Ling. That's why even though the family photo wasn't really perfect, i still posted it up becos it's considered "not bad" as he & Raeann are looking at the camera!! HAHAHA

  7. gal!!

    Your family photo on cutting cake. PIANGZ... Jie jie smile is totally a photocopy of ZY !!.

  8. Wahahaha, you noticed that too? I was just showing my mum yesterday, saying it's SO UGLY, jitao chui, lol.


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