Friday, September 21, 2012

Yet another round of celebration!

Raechelle: "Hello everybody, i'm ONE now!". 

Actually, this is her version of , she was trying to tell me that the food tasted good! 

We also bought another cake for her! 

Searched the whole IMM, cannot find one cake that's not too big and not too small, only this YOGURT cake. First time trying a yogurt cake, quite nice actually, taste like ice cream. 

Am glad the husband is now influenced by me, "to be fair to both of them". What jiejie have, meimei also must have & vice verse. If not, both also don't have. Simple! 

(Toys; either they share or both also cannot play!)

Side Track : 

That day, meimei took the long caramel lollipop to smack on Raeann's thigh (she was playing with it). I think it's quite painful cos there was red mark. I knew that meimei was unintentional and she's still a baby, i reckoned that she doesn't know it's painful.

But well, i smacked meimei's hand 4 times, and she cried. Then i told Raeann, "it's the same, if you make meimei, i'll also smack u". Who's wrong, who get the punishment! 

The husband came back at night and i told him what happened. And he nagged at me, said meimei is still small, why i smacked her! I asked him to stay at home and discipline them then. Simple logic, if i didn't do it, Raeann will think that we don't love her cos we are unfair to her. It's obviously not her fault (she was lying there reading something then meimei suddenly smacked her).

Sometimes, when Raeann's watching show on her iPhone, meimei will go and snatch the iPhone from her. In a situation like this, most people will ask the jiejie to lend it to meimei first, right? But for me, i'll take the phone from meimei and give it back to jiejie and distract meimei with other stuffs. 

Becos in my dictionary, there's no such thing as "大一定要让小". Likewise, i don't like others to give in to my kids either. 

Of cos, you don't have to agree with me becos everyone has their own ways to handle their own kids! I'm just doing what i think is right.


Wah piang, still refused to believe that one year has passed, just lidat???

Love you always & forever, my little baby terror! *blow kisses*

My god, September is a feasting month, i've been eating and eating and eating, like non stop. Oh no, this cannot be carried on!!!


  1. Happy birthday to ur little gal. Yes! They grown too fast. I can't believe myself too,thought I just gave birth nia... Haha. And I totally agreed with ur 大不一定要让小... Cos am doing the same way too. Must b fair too both! Don wanna let big de think only love same de. As when am young been treated 重男轻女 so understand the feeling of unfair. Been telling myself must be fair to all my child

  2. Hi leen,

    Thank u! =D

    Hanor, way too fast, we're getting old, how sad! :(

    I think young parents like us will work on the "must be fair" method, only old folks has those 大一定要让小's thinking. =X

  3. Haha long time never leave comments for u le... Mei
    Mei seriously looks like u man lol!

  4. Hey Desiree,

    Ya man, long time never hear from u! Hahah I also don't know meimei looks like who, some said looks like me, some said looks like ZY. But whatever. Cos no matter she looks like who, ugly or pretty, i still love her the same. Hee!


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