Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hada Labo Arbutin - One Drop Reveals Natural Fairness

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Received some love from Hada Labo last week! Thank you! :)

For those who still doesn't know what's Hada Labo (which is unlikely), here's a short introduction:

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotin

Due to my super sensitive skintype, i CANNOT anyhow use skincare products. But Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening lotion has been working fine on me.

As you can see from the picture above, it looks like water. Just like their Hada Labo super hyaluronic acid hydrating lotion, it will leave your skin silky smooth after applying, NOT sticky nor oily at all. Furthermore, this helps to prevent dark spots caused by UV exposure! I'll rate this a 9.5/10! I believe many people out there will love this lotion too!
Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Range give users three benefits in one step. With Arbutin and Vitamin C along with Hyaluronic Acid, Hada Labo's whitening Range allows users to gain fairer, moist and bright skin.

Arbutin and Vitamin C

Arbutin is an extract from natural bearberry plant. With effective whitening properties, Arbutin is used to enhance skin fairness and helps fight dark spots. Dull skin is renewed to reveal clear, fair skin.

Vitamin C enhances the skin's fairness and repairs dry, dull skin caused by exposure to UV rays.

Using only the finest and purest ingredients without unnecessary addictives, colourant, alcohol, fragrances and mineral oils, Hada Labo's Whitening Range stays true to its PERFECT X SIMPLE brand philosophy. The Hada Labo Whitening Range consists of four products:

Achieve fairer, moisturized and brighter skin with Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Range! Products from the range are priced from S$21.90 to S$31.90. (So afforable hor?!) Available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Fairprice, Unity and other departmental stores nationwide.

But wait wait...

You can redeem a FREE 20ml travel size bottle of Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion at Hada Labo (SG) FB page now!

*Redemption starts from 1st November 2012.

What's ya waiting for??? Quick, show some 'aunty power', wait in front of your computer at 2359 tonight! Heehee

Funny meimei!

Yesterday night, we discovered that meimei is scare of...

Her reaction is so funny when she sees this, she will shake her head so vigorously. We leave it on the table, she stand at a distant, point at it and goes "eeeeee". LOLOL
So, i disturbed her by placing it everywhere she was messing and she dare not go near it, HAHAHA!
Until she pekchek, she took the flower and dumped it away angrily. LOL
You know, meimei is NOT scare of anything, even cane. This is the first and only thing she is scare of, but my mum said it won't last long de lah!
Super grateful for this little happy nut, am glad i didn't abort her away impulsively, she brought so much joys to many people's life! =D

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Last night, i went to dig out all our past photos, polaroids, neo prints, lovegetti & etc, laughed like crazy for a good 15 minutes. Those pictures are HIDEOUS!!! LOL
We have a group chat (we are seldom active becos everyone's busy, will only chat when we found new stuffs to share or planning for meet-up, other than that, we don't yak away often.) named "38 Association" which include MQ, PY, XS and me.
Last week, while PY's packing her house, she found old neo prints, shot and sent it to all of us. We laughed and laughed, commented how ugly/funny we used to be. Wonder why are we so "chio" last time lor.
You know, those orbit dressing, "stylo" center parting hairstyle, makeup-less face... GOSH, what kind of style is that? That's one where me and PY have the same lips cos we were wearing some lipstick/gloss and we looked like... erm... alien!!!
So, i went to dig out mine also and i found tons of unknown people inside my neo prints collection. According to XS, we used to exchange neo prints, so we have everybody's face in each other's collection, that's lame! Haha
Thinking back, we must have invested all our recess money into neoprints & lovegetti becos we keep taking and taking, alot.
I think there are more in my old house, must go back there and dig! =D
Alright, YHSS is gonna close for renovation or something, so they are holding one last carnival there before it's closure. We will be there!!! =D
Wah lao, i cannot imagine how crowded will it be on that day, batch one to last batch of (some) students and more than 50 flea market stalls???? My impression of YHSS compound is not big at all leh. How to squeeze in so many people???

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our long weekend!

Warning : Long post, many pictures!!!

To Changi Airport T2 - 25th October 2012, Thursday

Mary came back and (anger aside) we went to pick her up (we are nice to her lor but she took it for granted), arranged to have our dinner there as well.

I love my daughters! =D
So hungry meh? Plate also wanna eat?
The food there not bad! Love their dessert!
Meimei kena forced to take photo?
*Ahem* You should know who took this pic lah hor?
Refused to let people hold, walked around the whole T2.
Never fail to hug her sister everyday. I hope Raeann will learn how to dote on her sister more, and understand that she's still a baby, she needs people's attention more, especially now when she's learning what right/wrong, can/cannot, etc.
Goodbye to housework days but Hello to laundry missing days!
To Orchard - 26th October 2012, Friday
P/S : Sorry mei, have to leave you with ah ma becos you're scarily active & sticky to mummy. 
Oh, becos i brought the Groupon for Brazilian Waxing at $18 ($10 after deduction of $8 Groupon credit) at Fabulous Tan located at Cineleisure. The husband offered to go with us!
My verdict :-
Place : 8/10 - not bad, quite cozy feeling.
Hygience : 9.5/10 - will ask you to wash before waxing.
Service (by Irin) : 9/10 - good, nice, friendly and not pushy. (Dislike those who push non stop for their packages!) But timing wise, abit inflexible. Like, you make appointment at 5:30pm, you can only go in at/after 5:30pm, slightly earlier also cannot.
Pain : 8/10 - IT IS PAIN, no matter where you go. I broke out cold sweat sia!
Will definitely go back there again!
P/S : Please note that i'm not paid/sponsored to give these ratings, it's out of goodwill becos they're really nice! =D
While waiting for my brazilian appointment...
Oh yes, Raeann love Nachos Cheese! But this is the most disgusting one i've ever eaten before. Cheese is watery, nachos tasted kinda "lao hong", yucks!
Imitating her father's mouth in the previous pic!
She has fetish for guns and knieves!
Oh really?
Okay lor!
Then, i forced the husband to go H&M with me. It's my fucking first time stepping in there, sometimes i wonder which kampong did i come from, there are so many places in Singapore i have not been to! :( At first when i said i wanted to go there, ZY said, "不要啦,都没有东西买", end up...
Only $9.90 is mine, the rest all his. NOTHING TO BUY HUH?!
But seriously, i don't know how to shop inside, it's so messy, everything lying here and there and the payment queue is so freaking long (ZY spent 30 mins q-ing!). Maybe it's a P.H and there's sales going on... I'll go again on a normal working day, perhaps i'll change my point of view then. 
Home-sweet-home to have steamboat/bbq dinner, treated by Bo! =D
27th October 2012, Saturday
The two little helpers sweeping the garden early in the morning!
Then, Raeann followed my mum to the office becos she has no art class and she made me angry over something, which i forgot what issit!
And this was what she wore! OMFG! (My mum sent me this pic in the afternoon!)
Singapore version of "Gold Samurai Ranger" (becos needs to attend NS also). She will only dress so weirdly, when she goes out with my mum, becos i will NEVER allow her to dress lidat! I don't wish to go on Stomp!
Evening; we went to "eat table" with XS & hamster!
Wanted to take pics with XS (becos we have not done so for a fucking long time) but this meimei sticked to me like a leech and there was no baby chair. My mum wanted to carry her but she shaked her head (her don't want) and index finger (her no-no). Even ZY she also don't want lor, 天啊!
28th October 2012, Sunday

Of cos, i love her, but i hope she will be less sticky to me! =X
Watching how my healthy kids sleep like a B.A.B.Y is my most blessed moment, i'm thankful for everything! Please continue blessing them to be healthy and safe, for as long as they live.
I trimmed her fringe, it's so short now, but not those toot & straight kind! LOL
She's damn funny yesterday lo! I changed the diaper for her cos she shitted, and then, she took her pamper and smell and show the 臭臭 handsign. I asked her to throw it inside the dustbin (she can listen to instructions now and she always throw her own dirty diaper away). We were inside my mum's room and her dustbin is inside the toilet, beside the toilet bowl. She walk walk walk, i thought she's walking towards the dustbin, but who knows? She dumped it inside the toilet bowl becos she thought that is the dustbin! After that, she still can smile happily and clap her hands (becos i'll always praise her when she does the right thing and she will clap her hands), LOL, BUAY TAHAN.
P/S : Oh yes, i sold away my LV Neverfull & Speedy 25 already! A few more to go (seriously, i didn't realise i've so many LV bags)! Bags sold = more space = i can buy new bag??? Heehee! Yes man, i'm selling away ALL my LVs becos i've (somehow) past the LV's age, i don't feel nice wearing those bags that i have anymore, and i seldom (very seldom) use them liao. Might as well sell right? Better than keeping in the wardrobe to collect dust! I'm aiming for one M******* one now! =X

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I feel b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l today~

Am just bored while waiting for dad to get discharged.

P/S : My retro dress nice anot? One nurse come and tell me "nice dress" leh! LOL

Oh ya, he went for his eye operation yesterday evening, all is well, tomorrow morning have to bring him back for review. Omg, the thought of it really scare me, i hope Lawrence (The name of that doctor, haha, he's a senior doctor there okay, today then i know!) don't make me wait till 7+pm again! :(

Was telling my mum earlier, i should have study harder to become a doctor, in order to have a chance to marry a doctor. Haha, sounds so cool! Then she said, "cannot lah, you become doctor, you will faint often". LOLOL! Yah, i get goosebumps whenever i see flesh & blood and i think i'll be sad everyday becos i never fail to feel very sympathetic towards suffering elderly or child.

So yea, doctor is out, then i told mummy maybe i should be a nurse instead. Then she said, "don't have to be nurse lah, just work as their admin will do". LOLOLOL! (You know why i can get along with my mum so well now?)

Whatever, it's all too late now. HAHAHA!

Called up my insurance agent yesterday becos i'm thinking to surrender one policy which i've bought many years ago, but he advised me not to lah. Then he asked, "what you working as huh? why you seems so busy one?". I told him, "in fact, my work is not always that busy, but add in kids and parents, i'm super busy lor"!

Someone told me before, "it's always the busiest at this age", becos have to cope with work, kids and parents (old liao, illness comes in one by one). Be very thankful if your parents are healthy ok?

P/S : Still thinking if i should get that camera (Bo is gonna kill me), have been thinking for ONE MONTH liao. It's only $200+ but i can think for so long, am i crazy?

Eggs Experiment

Alright, my electric egg boiler/steamer has finally arrived my doorstep last evening. I'm one of the sway customer whom got the parcel 18 days after i placed my order. I saw people getting their parcel within a week after placing order. I've to sent inquires and called up Qoo10, item finally reached me one day after i called up Qoo10! Well, late better than never!

The box was severely damaged when i received. 

Thank god the items are fine. It looked quite dirty though.

It's kinda small, about the size of my hand nia! (Ignore my ugly nails pls!)


 I saw many complaints about the plug which they can't use in SG, seller was nice enough to include a travel adapter for me, blessing in disguise? 


Now, let's start boiling some eggs!!!

Done! Let's see the result...

I wanna make 七分熟 but end up become hard boiled. Maybe, most likely, i put too much water as the timer is automatically set according to the water level. I followed the instruction for 6 eggs (30ml water) when i make only 3 eggs.

Well, even though their delivery & customer service (never reply one) sucks big time, this product is amazing & cute. Just a few minutes and the eggs are done! Save time, water & gas! =D