Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All on one Friday!

Date : 5th October 2012

Done so much things, took so many pictures, last Friday! =D 

Angry Bird Mee Tai Bak

She finished the whole bowl of it! :)

Woke up early in the morning to cook this for them. Boiled the soup with yellow bean and ikan bilis with a little salt. The Angry Birds fishcakes are quite tasteless actually, even though it's very cute! $2 per pack from JW 500+ market! Then i saw Prime Supermarket also selling at $1.95 per pack! 

There's a video uploaded on my fb! =D

Next up, Raeann's school mini fun fair!!! 

Bought one ticket (4 x 50c) at first, bought another booklet of ten tickets upon arriving there. Cannot use them up at all, gave five tickets away to Raeann's classmate & teacher. The teachers were very thankful for my support as it's a fund to the school. Small amount, great help, everyone's happy! =D

They have food like sweet corn, hot dogs, yellow peas, tea eggs & etc. 

The husband said that Raeann's coloring and drawing improves alot after she started her art lesson. She has continued on to the 2nd stage as she is the one who insisted to continue becos it's her favourite; poster colors. Since she wants, i've no reason not to let her to. Alexis continued too! =D 

One more year before Raeann moves on to another stage of her education. Let her (and me) enjoys before the stress starts kicking in. Even though part of me hope so much that she will gets into Rulang, another part of me is worry that she can't handle the stress. Rulang is an extremely stressful primary school. I've been through and i knew it, the never-ending homework is a killer! :(

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