Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm not desperate for YOUR attention!

Someone once said that, nobody's interested in my life, i'm the one who THINK that people are interested. Well, above is my blog stat for one of the week in September. On the average, there are more than 100 people who will visit my blog everyday, without fail. This is AFTER i locked my blog for some time and many didn't know that i've unlocked it. 

Nope, i don't do any publication of my blog. Simply becos, I'M NOT AN ATTENTION SEEKER. If i am, i would have update everything on platforms like FB, Twitter & Instagram too. (I'm staying low profile on all these platforms now.) 

Blog; people can choose to visit or not to visit. If you're simply not interested in my life, you wouldn't waste your time to even click on my link (some even searched for it via search engine) and read all the rubbish i wrote. 

But it's different for FB, Twitter or Instagram. People cannot choose not to see your posts if you're on their friends/followers list. And i find it FUCKING CHILDISH to unfriend/unfollow just becos i can't stand that person! I'll only unfriend/unfollow when i decided to give up the friendship completely. Once i do it, i will not reverse my action. Becos in my own opinion, it's even more childish to unfriend then friend again, and if not happy, unfriend again. Think what? Pre-school kids huh? "I don't want to friend you." 

Again, in my own opinion, people who LOVE to post tons of their repeated nonsenses almost everyday is one who is desperate for attention (from the world?). You just want people to "LIKE" what you posted and leave good comments for you (praising you & etc)? Don't deny that you won't get angry/affected if someone were to leave a bad comment! 

Okay, my point is, DON'T READ MY BLOG IF YOU HATE/CANNOT STAND ME. Becos, i never ask you to and i don't wish you to get angry over what i post, bad for health, lol. 

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