Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Last night, i went to dig out all our past photos, polaroids, neo prints, lovegetti & etc, laughed like crazy for a good 15 minutes. Those pictures are HIDEOUS!!! LOL
We have a group chat (we are seldom active becos everyone's busy, will only chat when we found new stuffs to share or planning for meet-up, other than that, we don't yak away often.) named "38 Association" which include MQ, PY, XS and me.
Last week, while PY's packing her house, she found old neo prints, shot and sent it to all of us. We laughed and laughed, commented how ugly/funny we used to be. Wonder why are we so "chio" last time lor.
You know, those orbit dressing, "stylo" center parting hairstyle, makeup-less face... GOSH, what kind of style is that? That's one where me and PY have the same lips cos we were wearing some lipstick/gloss and we looked like... erm... alien!!!
So, i went to dig out mine also and i found tons of unknown people inside my neo prints collection. According to XS, we used to exchange neo prints, so we have everybody's face in each other's collection, that's lame! Haha
Thinking back, we must have invested all our recess money into neoprints & lovegetti becos we keep taking and taking, alot.
I think there are more in my old house, must go back there and dig! =D
Alright, YHSS is gonna close for renovation or something, so they are holding one last carnival there before it's closure. We will be there!!! =D
Wah lao, i cannot imagine how crowded will it be on that day, batch one to last batch of (some) students and more than 50 flea market stalls???? My impression of YHSS compound is not big at all leh. How to squeeze in so many people???

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