Monday, October 22, 2012

Dearest finger...


Day 21; as advised by Lynn, i went to see a chinese physician to 放血. And just like what ZY described (i thought he's scarring me nia), they use a 火针 (take a needle to burn first) and poke it. First attempt, blood cannot flow out, poke again, still can't, it's "frozen", will need to wait for the whole nail to slowly drop out!!!! NOOOO! :(

Actually, it's not really pain anymore but more to numb, like no feeling. But now, after two attempts of 放血, it's not that numb liao. ZY and the chinese physician asked me to apply nail polish to cover up this ugly nail, lol.


  1. your nails will dry up and break soon. My bf's big toe had the same situation too. I use tissue to "suck" the blood off coz its already "gek hui" inside. Then it will slowly the nails will drop off... and wait for a few week/months for the nails to regrowth.

  2. :((((( Very sad to hear about this. Wonder if by X'mas, the new nail will grow? How to use tissue to suck out the blood?????

    1. that time his toe nail already "torn apart" from his skin... so got a gap and i push the thin tissue in the gap and let it absorb the blood. urs look too deep in~ guess have to slowly let it grow and torn out. Else go放血 for faster recovery ?

    2. I went le leh, but no blood flows out becos my blood is harder up inside already. And now i shake my nail, seems like dropping off, i'm so scare sia.

      P/S : You really nice gf, will help your bf do such thing. If zy ask me do, i'll ask him to go and see doc, hahahaha~!

    3. no la, i sadist , i feel very song to "suck" the blood out.. the feeling like accomplish something.. my bf dont want me touch, i force him to do it! hahahaha Opps* , i think ur nail is dropping out soon, coz already break off no minerals/nutrients supply to ur nails. Anyway hope u will recover soon!

    4. Wah lau, i cannot, i get goosebumps whenever i see all these, you should be a doctor mah!!! LOLOL

      Thank you, i hope so too, it's too ugly! :(

  3. Sound so scary and look so pain. Speedy recovery!


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