Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eggs Experiment

Alright, my electric egg boiler/steamer has finally arrived my doorstep last evening. I'm one of the sway customer whom got the parcel 18 days after i placed my order. I saw people getting their parcel within a week after placing order. I've to sent inquires and called up Qoo10, item finally reached me one day after i called up Qoo10! Well, late better than never!

The box was severely damaged when i received. 

Thank god the items are fine. It looked quite dirty though.

It's kinda small, about the size of my hand nia! (Ignore my ugly nails pls!)


 I saw many complaints about the plug which they can't use in SG, seller was nice enough to include a travel adapter for me, blessing in disguise? 


Now, let's start boiling some eggs!!!

Done! Let's see the result...

I wanna make 七分熟 but end up become hard boiled. Maybe, most likely, i put too much water as the timer is automatically set according to the water level. I followed the instruction for 6 eggs (30ml water) when i make only 3 eggs.

Well, even though their delivery & customer service (never reply one) sucks big time, this product is amazing & cute. Just a few minutes and the eggs are done! Save time, water & gas! =D


  1. wow~ i wanna buy, i also like 七分熟, did you try again to achieve 七分熟 eggs? May I know the direct link If can, I want to get too. I like how small it is. :)

  2. I tried 3 times but still failed to achieve 七分熟, either hard boiled or 九分熟. I'll figure out how then let u know again, maybe should manually off the timer or something.

    I did provide the link wor, in the previous post, just click on the Gmarket badge. But, i just click in and it's out of stock now. Then again, this seller not really reliable, so i don't recommend getting from them also. When i see again, i'll let you know ok?

    P/S : It's quite small, about the size of a 7" dessert plate.


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