Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Funny meimei!

Yesterday night, we discovered that meimei is scare of...

Her reaction is so funny when she sees this, she will shake her head so vigorously. We leave it on the table, she stand at a distant, point at it and goes "eeeeee". LOLOL
So, i disturbed her by placing it everywhere she was messing and she dare not go near it, HAHAHA!
Until she pekchek, she took the flower and dumped it away angrily. LOL
You know, meimei is NOT scare of anything, even cane. This is the first and only thing she is scare of, but my mum said it won't last long de lah!
Super grateful for this little happy nut, am glad i didn't abort her away impulsively, she brought so much joys to many people's life! =D

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