Sunday, October 14, 2012


These two days, we've been "working" from morning till night, completing the "shits" Mary left for us. MADNESS, you cannot imagine how much (our) clothes she has been keeping, 4 baskets didn't hang, 1 basket (hide in one corner) didn't wash & about 5 baskets (hide in different corners) didn't iron. We found some clothes which we have not seen for almost a year!!!

I really really wonder what she's doing everyday when everyone's off to work. (Nope, she don't sweep, vaccum or mop the floor everyday, only once a week. And she cleans our room twice a month. Never refill water or ice trays, never wash milk bottles, never do many things.) Sleeping? Becos IF she really do so much like what she claimed, it's IMPOSSIBLE to accumulate SO MUCH. And then, she has SO MUCH TIME to complain about everyone in the family. Seriously, i feel so sad that she wants to come back. The more i talk about her, the more dulan i get. Expects so much, do so little, complains ALOT, FHL.

Okay, will go more into the household chores again.

Aiyo, i super gek sim just now leh, becos of the 4D 1st prize! :(

I bought 3096 on Wednesday leh, but i've no idea where this number comes from, i've been thinking and thinking, since just now.

I've not bought 4D for some time already, only buy when i feel like it, maybe once or twice a month, random numbers.

So now, i'm still thinking where on earth did i get this 3096!!! So sad, $20K leh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's okay, just have to resign to fate that it's not my luck, if it's mine, it will come again right? *wink*

Alright, i need to sleep now, did ironing till almost 1am last night and woke up at 7+am this morning and do non stop. Still need to wake up early tomorrow to work! Tired die le!

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