Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Maid-less for the next two weeks!

Sigh, my FDW application is being rejected by MOM, sian sian sian sian. Unless, Mary is transferred under me and i can then employ another one. Can't have two FDWs under two different employers. Why ah?

Anyway, she will be leaving on the 12th and back two weeks later. I've drafted out one time table for myself, i believe work can still be done nicely if we plan and share it accordingly.

But my mum asked me not to bring meimei back home every night cos no one will help me look after her when i prepare for work in the morning. You know, she's sooooo light sleeper that she will wakes up IMMEDIATELY when i leave her side in the morning. And crawls to the toilet, bang and bang on the door, call and call out for me, then cry bitterly (as if i died) till she see my face. Sometimes, she even force herself to vomit! -.- And then, ZY will be there, lying on the bed in his comfort position, scolding her and shouting at me, asking me to get out immediately, even when i'm bathing halfway! I wonder why can't he just wake up to pacify her?!?!

But whatever!

I told him that i can't bring her back for the two weeks and his reply "你舍得 meh?". Of cos, i 不舍得, but what the hell can i do? If he doesn't want to help at all? KIAM KAN.

Moreover, i need to help out with the household chores leh. Unless i can split my body into many parts lor, otherwise, it's impossible to get anything done with meimei around.

So not looking forward to the horror 13 days! N.I.G.H.T.M.A.R.E.

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