Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Children's Day

Raeann had her celebration in school today and she's the only one with 大收获. You know those very big red plastic bag? Yeah, she came back with one big bag of presents from ALL her teachers and she's extremely happy (and proud becos she's the only one who got it).

Know why?

Becos her very nice mother ordered these (plus two additional bigger gifts for her two main teachers) for all her teachers on Teacher's day this year! I just wanna thank them for doting, teaching and taking good care of my daughter. Just a small little gift and i can see that they really appreciate it alot!

Gave these to her classmates as Children's day gift today. And the teacher's feedback? "Thank you so much for your pencil, Raeann gave it to the teachers as well, all the kids and teachers love it alot!" I'm happy, to make others happy! :)

No school tomorrow but there's a funfair in the evening organised by the school and i'm bringing the two of them there, already bought the tickets and informed the husband to be home earlier! I'm on leave tomorrow to look after them as my aunt's busy. Gonna cook mee tai bak soup tomorrow cos both of them love it! =D

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