Thursday, October 4, 2012

[Re-post] Yes, it's here again!!!

Date : 2nd October 2012

Hush Puppies® Annual Warehouse Sales!!! 

One round of survey with mummy yesterday, PLENTY of stuffs to buy leh!!! We're going again later, when the sun is not too hot (yeap, i've to walk there and there's no shelter). More pictures when i go later! =D

Date : 4th October 2012

P/S : E-ling, it's till 14th October, not 17th! 

We went to the sales just now. I decided not to buy alot of things in the end. Cos hor, most of their items are, buy two of the same design then can get a really cheap price. If buy one, is only few dollars off the usual price. So, if you want to go, please ask a friend along, to share the purchase! 

Haha, posing with their hats!

She wanted to get the puppy, but i told her a white lie, "it's not for sale, for display only". 

One part of it!

For my two girls!

For Ethan boy! Yeap, everytime i buy stuffs for my kiddos, i'll buy a share for Ethan too. Cos his parents dote on my two girls ALOT and will always buy things for them as well. And, they're shifting end of this year, so it means i won't get to see him often liao. Wonder if Raeann will emo anot?! 

Free umbrella for purchase of $180! 

$100 get water tumbler! 
$380 get luggage!


  1. Gal, this is until October when huh? :) Thanks

  2. I think is 17th, later i walk there and confirm with you again, lol.

  3. Jo, is this warehouse sales at bukit batok?

  4. Ok!! Den i think should knw where isit le. Cos i always go for this warehouse sales too!!! I love their polo-t & shorts too.. Hahaha..

  5. thanks babe. that hush puppies umbrella is cute. Maybe I shall drop by on weekend if I'm free :D


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