Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I feel b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l today~

Am just bored while waiting for dad to get discharged.

P/S : My retro dress nice anot? One nurse come and tell me "nice dress" leh! LOL

Oh ya, he went for his eye operation yesterday evening, all is well, tomorrow morning have to bring him back for review. Omg, the thought of it really scare me, i hope Lawrence (The name of that doctor, haha, he's a senior doctor there okay, today then i know!) don't make me wait till 7+pm again! :(

Was telling my mum earlier, i should have study harder to become a doctor, in order to have a chance to marry a doctor. Haha, sounds so cool! Then she said, "cannot lah, you become doctor, you will faint often". LOLOL! Yah, i get goosebumps whenever i see flesh & blood and i think i'll be sad everyday becos i never fail to feel very sympathetic towards suffering elderly or child.

So yea, doctor is out, then i told mummy maybe i should be a nurse instead. Then she said, "don't have to be nurse lah, just work as their admin will do". LOLOLOL! (You know why i can get along with my mum so well now?)

Whatever, it's all too late now. HAHAHA!

Called up my insurance agent yesterday becos i'm thinking to surrender one policy which i've bought many years ago, but he advised me not to lah. Then he asked, "what you working as huh? why you seems so busy one?". I told him, "in fact, my work is not always that busy, but add in kids and parents, i'm super busy lor"!

Someone told me before, "it's always the busiest at this age", becos have to cope with work, kids and parents (old liao, illness comes in one by one). Be very thankful if your parents are healthy ok?

P/S : Still thinking if i should get that camera (Bo is gonna kill me), have been thinking for ONE MONTH liao. It's only $200+ but i can think for so long, am i crazy?

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