Monday, October 15, 2012

Life without Mary...

Jing woke up early in the morning to hang the 4 baskets of clothes which Mary left for us. 

As quoted by her on fb, "Laundry on a sat morning! 24 bamboos and still not enough. Family team work in action when the helper is off for 2 weeks! XD — with Kobelco Ng and 6 others". 

Imagine, 24 bamboos and it's only partial of it. Thank you ah, Mary!

As for me, i woke up early in the morning to pack my my kids' wardrobe, bathed for them, brought Raeann to class and did some marketing with meimei. PY taught me how to boil soup, i followed her instructions and the soup turned out so tasty!! 

Peanut Lotus Pork Ribs (and chicken feet for my dad) soup in the making!

Actually, is PY's MIL said must put some chicken feet (or bones) so that the soup will be nicer. Yes, PY's MIL is a great cook!!! I tasted her cooking before, even ZY said it's delicious! Thanks to them, my soup turned out delicious too! 

Okay, i didn't know that chicken feet must remove the nails until Jing told me. She said it looks very scary! Ya, from this pic, it really looks kinda scary, hahaha! Sorry ah, i don't eat this kind of thing one, so i don't know how to handle them. LOL

I cooked this! Potato, hotdog & luncheon meat! It's a simple and low cost dish but yummy! I always order this whenever i eat economic mixed rice. They said my cooking skill improved! LOL! I'm not proud of this hor, becos i don't really like to cook!

After dinner, bathed the two, passed them to my mum and i started doing laundries and ironing till around 1am. We cleared 95% of the "shits" Mary left us + new laundries, within two days. *phewz*

Yes, we are able to do everything ourselves, but why must we? (We are doing most of the things ourselves liao lor; pack room, wash car, wash milk bottle & etc.) Do everything ourselves and pay her to talk on the phone and sleep? She human, we not ah? My mum let her stay becos she's familiar with everyone's habit, but since she has so much complaints, why don't she just go and find a better employer? *ANGRY*

Sunday morning, becos of some lame reason, i woke up to cane Raeann at 7+am. And then, i started working again...

Swept the garden, cleaned the kitchen, boiled/refilled water, vacuumed the whole 1st storey. 

When i was vacuuming, she climbed inside and sit. 

Then climbed up to jiejie's motor! :)

Frankly speaking, it's not impossible to do work with her around but not washing or ironing becos she will come and hug me as and when she likes. And must be fast lah, cannot dily dali cos she will be very impatient. Oh, and provided jiejie's not around too, otherwise, cannot do anything at all! (Jiejie followed ah ma go market!) 

Bathed her after doing those work! 

Super playful!

And tam ciak! =D

In a whole, we're all still alive and kickin', although it's really tiring. But seeing how the whole family get united and help in whatever ways, it's really very heart warming. Even my younger ah nua brother helps (abit) by washing the dishes! I guess this is the joy of having a large family! =D

P/S : I really wonder how some working mummies can cope with the housewives' jobs for long term!!! Salute them max! 

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