Monday, October 1, 2012

Mooncakes Overdosed

You should know, yesterday was the lantern festival. Out of sudden, my house seems to be flooded with mooncakes, plenty of mooncakes in different flavors & styles. This year, me & ZY have agreed not to buy for each other's family becos we don't have the time to go for mooncakes tasting. Plus, MOONCAKE IS DAMN FATTENING, if i don't see, i won't want to eat.

Apparently, my plan failed. My house have lots of mooncakes, every year. Oh well! Besides those normal types like oven-baked, snowskin, durian snow skin & etc, we have these...

Agar agar mooncake in assorted flavors! (Too excited to eat!)

Cute mooncake from HK in assorted shapes! (FB Like shape, fortune cat shape & etc.)

Shanghai mooncake! (The skin tastes like biscuit!)

Tried MANY different types of mooncake over the weekends. Yes man, i've phobia of mooncakes now! Wonder how many kgs did i gained!!! :(

Celebration @ Yunnan last Saturday night. 

My mum never fails to join every year becos one of the committee aunty is her very good friend. My dad will buy a house there is partly due to this uncle & aunty. Anyway, it's only $3 lah, with plenty of food, goodies & lucky draw. HAHAHA, Raeann struck lucky draw lor, $40 Prime Supermarket vouchers! Oh, thought i would see FF there but woohooo, never, my life is awesome! =D

Wishing all a belated 中秋节快乐!

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