Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My poor finger...

Last few days, my manicurist was complaining to me about how disgusting one of her male customer's fingernails and toenails were, with plenty of fungus. The way she described was really disgusting and my (normal) reaction was like eeeek, yucks!

Yesterday, i got my karma! :(

I drove my dad's car and sent him to Bedok to see doctor becos i didn't drive, ZY sent me to work yesterday morning. When i reached back to office at around 5:15pm and happily thinking to walk over to the Hush Puppies warehouse sales, my poor finger tio kiap-ed and SUCKED by the door.

If you do not know, Merc has this STUPID suction doors whereby it will suck it tightly if you didn't close the door properly. I HATE SUCTION DOORS! This is the 2nd time i kena liao, the first time was his previous Merc, many years ago.

It's DOUBLE swollen today, with whole finger of blood clot! :(

When it happened, my mum immediately rub and rub to let the blood clot scatter, it's making the pain even more pain, i felt so giddy and broke out in cold sweat. 

Then she asked ZY to bring me to doctor, ZY said there's no need to, he will "cure" it for me. So when we reached home, he made one big bowl of ICE water for me and asked me to dip my finger in. But the more i dipped, the more swollen it gets and the blood clot got harden up. PAIN! 

Last night, i was woken up by the pain at 2+am. Went to dig and pop two painkillers and thank god, i managed to fall back asleep till this morning. 

Today, mummy brought needle to the office and insisted she will help me to poke and let the blood flow out. The thought of it send the chill down my spine and i keep telling her "later, later". 

Well, i take things very easy now, i don't really feel angry/sway/whatever after this happened. I felt thankful instead. Thankful that it's on me and not my kids, thankful that my bone didn't break, thankful that i'm still able to smile despite all the pain and super thankful for everyone's concern. Even though my dad's way of concern is asking me to chop my finger away (forever lidat one), he still bothers to ask my mum why and how did it happened. 

P/S : Heh, i think my threshold of pain is really very high cos despite such intense pain, i did not drop a single tear. And actually hor, i intend to change to Merc after my current car, looks like i need to re-consider now. 


  1. cannot dip finger into ice water de...cus the blood vessels will constrict causing a delay in bloodflow, then d bloodclots will get even more obvious... if u nd ice to stop d pain, put ice in a bag and cover it w towel and gently massage!

  2. Shit, I knew it, Doc Ho anyhow one! Maybe it won't get so swollen and pain if I didn't soak in the ice! :( luckily its not that pain today liao...


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