Monday, October 15, 2012

Not my luck!

I FINALLY found out where did i get that 3096... So 不甘愿 till i kept thinking and thinking!

U SEE! I wrote so big somemore! It's a transaction ID Citibank gave me last Wednesday. 

The story is, i bought something from Qoo10 which costed few hundred dollars last Wednesday. The bank transaction went through but not Qoo10 (cos my item is still inside my cart). So i called the bank and they gave me this ID in case of misunderstanding. (If it's small amount, i won't bother to call one!)

And then, i went to buy 3096, just 3096, never buy the front or roll. Sigh, why didn't it open on Wednesday? And usually hor, i buy numbers, i'll buy for 3 days one, why didn't i buy for 3 days? *SAD*

I can only conclude one reason... NOT MY LUCK! :(

But anyway, i guess this doesn't really affects me much becos hor, I STILL CAN SHOP HAPPILY LEH! Hahahaha

Yesterday evening, i went to JP awhile to collect my parcel becos the postman left a note and deemed it as bulky item as no one was around when he came last Friday. I thought it's the electric steamer but it turned out to be... TWO BOTTLES OF NAIL POLISH! =.=

I was like "HUH? This one bulky meh? I thought of bringing one big plastic bag to come and collect lor".

The person was also puzzled, why they termed that as bulky items. Kaoz, waste my time sia! (And carpark! I went to JP for straight 3 days! I only saw the note on Saturday late noon when i collected the letters!)

Since i was there, i went to buy some wet tissues and pack food home for the family. While walking to buy different types of food...

I bought scallop hems shorts for my two girls!!! So cute can! But damn expensive! $38.90 for one, buy two and get 25% discount! I bought mine online at less than $20! Wah lau eh, their cloths lesser should be cheap mah! I love scallop hems shorts lor, i've two in different colors. So when i saw, i went "eh Raeann, this shorts is sooooo cute, mummy buy one for u and meimei ok? Then we can wear the same!". She immediately "ok"! 

Everyone said that it looks super cute on meimei!!! But everyone gave me the 'HUH' with jaw dropped looks when i said the price. LOL

Well, i'm much more willing to spend on their clothes and shoes but not toys, becos my two weird kids seldom play their toys! 

This is one of the "bulky" nail polish i bought online, Tiffany Blueeeeee, swee! 
(I apply to take pic and then clean away! Haha)

Day 13, everywhere i go, people will tell me, "it looks so painful". YES, IT IS! 

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