Monday, October 1, 2012

One awesome weekend!

Friday; Dinner @ Aijisen

As requested by Raeann. 


My happy baby!

Aww... L.O.V.E!

Saturday; Carrefour Mega Expo Sale

Seriously, nothing much leh, but the husband spent $200++! LOL

Oh well, he was the one who suggested to go! I was there to look after the kids and he was there to shop. He bought memory pillow lah, mattress lah, and-i-don't-know-what-else man. I think i didn't buy anything? Nothing for me to buy, hahaha! 

P/S : ZY woke up early to send Raeann to class with me and brought meimei for breakfast together! =D

Forever smiling, PLEASE STAY THIS WAY, baby! 


They always fight but they love each other for sure. The first person meimei calls when she wakes up is "jiejie" and she always go and hug her jiejie. The way she calls "jiejie", awww, *meltz*, extremely 好听, nicer than how she calls anyone else. 

In the past, i always rant that i only want one kid cos i can fully focus on her. But when i see my forever smiling-happy-naughty little meimei & how they hug and kiss each other, that thought perished completely. I should give Raeann a sister, to share her happiness and woes in case i've to leave this world early. 

Packed all their hair accessories into one drawer but it's not enough, becos i'm sure i'll keep buying more! =X 


  1. next time take a short vid of meimei calling raeann? hehe, would love to hear it! :D


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