Monday, October 8, 2012

Meimei can wear shoes lo!

Happy 1st Lunar Birthday, my little Raechelle! 

P/S : Tonight cook mee sua for u ok? 

Finally, she can starts wearing shoes today! 

There's a myth saying that babies before 1st lunar birthday can't wear shoes, don't ask me why, becos i don't know why also. Anyone knows? Can enlighten me? 

Since the elders already 交待, so i just do lor! But i bought two pairs of new shoes for her long ago!! 

Hahahaha, she don't know how to walk with her shoes on, lol.


Packed and dumped so many things (shoes, clothes & toys) over the weekends, until i very dulan, lol. You cannot imagine how karung guni Raeann is. I threw away AT LEAST 10 big bags of her rubbish!!!! Cannot donate most of the toys cos it's incomplete. Becos her daddy spoils her rotten (anything spoil or lost, buy new one), she don't know how to cherish her things, at all. I STRONGLY disagree and hate his way of "loving" our kids. This is NOT love, i feel. But now, anything and everything they do/buy, they will ask me first. Yes, i'm one 母老虎!

Spot my very kpo little "helper"!

FYI, these two pics are taken when packing halfway. Can you imagine the MESS when i got home with the kids (brought Raeann to class & packed lunch for family)? And you know, it's SO DIFFICULT to pack with kids around. Here pack, there mess, which is why i packed till VERY ANGRY. Plus, my finger is still not recovered yet and i was having flu!!! The dust made my running nose worse! 

The husband sensed something wrong with my voice when he called (he knew i was super frustrated), he rushed back home immediately and helped out with the kids, lol. 

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