Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thankful for the ability to earn!

Was paying some bills and looking through my bank statements just now. Feel so happy to see my $ growing!!! I read it somewhere before, that's a typical Cancerian.

Finally, i can afford a few Chanel now. BUT, i'm not gonna spend my hard earned money just like that unless someone or something agitates me real badly, lol. I hope that Mr Ho will buy for me one day!!! That day will come, maybe in another 30 years time, haha!

P/S : HAHAHA! One of my Bangladeshi worker just came to take two pics of me cos he's going back to India next week and he wanna show his family. LOL

I started working at a very young age and i started off working for others first; part-time waitress (and etc, can't remember cos i worked alot of part times before), beauty advisor & advertising sales. I swear, working for others is much much much better than working for my dad. At least, others treated me like a lady, not a man.

Although i don't holds any super high qualification, but i'm very sure i can survive in this society even without my parents or ZY. (Of cos, with them around, my life is awesome lah!) Even IF one day, ZY were to abandon us, i won't beg him to stay.

My mum has been putting this thought into my mind since very young, "WOMAN MUST EARN THEIR OWN MONEY".

Here, i thank god very much for the ability to earn and spend my own money. 

Though it's still much better to be a SAHDNM (maybe?), wait for the husband to shower you with money, but that's provided your husband is a good one who is very willing to spend on you. Not necessary have to be rich. Rich but stingy = no use.

Mine is poor and stingy (towards me), HAHAHAHA! But now, when he has money, he is not so stingy liao lah. And as long as he pay what he should pay, i'm contented enough. He don't have to support me becos i got the ability to earn myself.


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