Friday, October 19, 2012

The new Mount Alvernia Hospital!

Delivered both my kids at Mount Alvernia Hospital and i deemed it as my favorite hospital. Of cos, don't compare it to those 5 stars A class hospital which bill will total up to an horrifying amount.

Compare to government hospitals, their waiting time is much much faster, service is much much better too.

Compare to private hospitals (M.A.H is considered a private, yes?), their bill is much much reasonable. I paid less than S$700 and S$1000 in cash for delivering my both girls respectively. 

My dad is seeking his TB treatment at M.A.H, congrats to him, he's gonna complete his treatment very soon, one day after X'mas. Brought him there on Wednesday for X-ray & review!

Had to park at Macritchie and took the free shutter bus over cos carpark was full. (Allowed to drop off my dad first!)

The shutter bus was so long (first time so long leh) till i've all the time to take pics!

The weather is sooooo H.O.T.

Finally here! =)

Their newly renovated information lobby is open!

And the cafe is shifted to another side. 

They serve nice and non expensive food! 

And then, from M.A.H, we went straight to S.G.H (SNEC) for his eyes checkup. This time round, WORST, broke the record, i waited for 7 freaking hours there. Waited till the hospital only left the two of us ("customer"). Getting LONGER and LONGER every visit we pay, WHY LIDAT?! Even more pekchek when my hp batt went totally flat and the only thing i can do is, SEE THE WALLS!


  1. u need to buy a portable charger...

    1. Hanor, i think so too. I never expect it will takes so long de, and i always charge when i'm in the car!


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