Friday, October 19, 2012

What's cooking?

Yesterday, i stayed at home to do all the household chores, becos i cannot stand sticky floor and messy house. Things are lidat, if you can tahan, then you don't need to do lor, if you cannot, then you LL must do. I CANNOT TAKE IT, so i do lor!

Cleaned and mopped the whole house (except Bo's one becos it's scarily messy), did all the laundries, marketing and cooked dinner! Not trying to boast but if i can do it, i don't understand why Mary can't. It was only around 3+pm and i've already cleaned and mopped the house and done with all the laundries. I can take my own sweet time to bath and then rest for awhile before i started cooking. So by the time everyone's back around 7pm, the food was already served on the table.

You see, house keeping is not my forte but i can do a much better job than her. So it's her problem, not ours!

Tried out a new dish last evening, can you guess what i'm cooking?

Yes, 咕噜肉!!! Success! YAY! Called and asked my aunt to teach me, google a few different recipes and anyhow whipped this out! It's not very difficult actually!

Looks yummy right? The husband said it's nice! =D

Watercress Pork Ribs Soup

Nuggets and Tempura Fish

Shrimp Eggs

I'm not a good cook and neither do i fancy cooking. But i've been cooking so often lately, one bad sign of aging (more and more aunty liao), i think? :(

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