Thursday, November 29, 2012

LEGO® DUPLO Kids' Event


Date: 24th November 2012, Saturday
Venue: Hokey Pokey

First of all, i would like to thank Nuffnang and LEGO Singapore for the kind invitation to this event, thank you for giving me the opportunity to blog about it, i'm honoured. It's sucha pleasure to meet some of the handsome/pretty from Nuffnang/LEGO Singapore and SG mummy/daddy bloggers there! :)

Love my new blog banner!!!


Saw my new banner???? WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I LOVE IT! All thanks to one old friend, Fabbie, whom is a talent designer and the proud founder of Babbiee Kids Spree!

Saw the thumbnail on the left? 5% off if you quote "Joanne"! I'll blog about this wonderful webstore soon! Meanwhile, SHOP AWAY!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Favourite month of the year! But pocket is gonna bleed again...
Already bought some but i can't post cos it meant to be surprises! Heh heh

Little girl writing her wish list to "Santa"!
Show you what's on her wish list soon~
P/S : She takes this very seriously! I think she believe that Santa Claus exists!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello Foot!

LOLOL! I don't know what's on her foot, see until so serious man!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Who does she really looks like?

I received fair shares of comments on who Raechelle looks like; some said looks like me while some said looks like ZY. I'm absolutely fine with people saying that she looks like ZY but don't have to repeat and repeat every single week for months. I was kinda pissed that time cos my MIL repeated for 6 months and whenever people said Raechelle looks like me, she will be so agitated and argued that she looks like ZY more. I mean, issit really that important ma?

Yes, i did mentioned before that i hope she will look like me becos afterall, she is my daughter what! But even if she doesn't look like me, it doesn't means that i will love her lesser. Just like Raeann, when she was a baby, NOBODY said that she looks like me, some said she looks like ZY, some said she looks like Bobo, but she is STILL my daughter.

My ah khim always say, "Raechelle looks exactly like you when you were young". I wasn't really convinced becos I HAVEN SEE MY ONLY SAW ONE OF BABY PICTURE BEFORE. All along, i thought i didn't have any young photos (maybe a few from other's camera) cos my parents were really poor that time, they almost gave me away, how could they afford a camera then?

Till that day, my mum brought home an album of my pictures taken by my nanny when i was around 1+ year old. (I don't think i've any baby photos before 1 year old lor!)

Raeann said, "wow, mummy, you look like Raechelle leh", LOLOL! Shown it to ZY and he said, "你来的啊? 哇! 很像很像!".

Friday, November 23, 2012

I've 2 always hungry friends!

Cheryl + Pearly

Hanged out with these two char bors last evening, made me felt that i'm a super small eater. The amount of stuffs they ate shocked me many many times last night. And, they are both SLIM! Though they both shown me pictures of their "hidden" fats, but well, if it can be hidden, I DON'T MIND LEH! Now, i'll show you what they ate within 4-5 hours!

1st round; Korean BBQ @ Liang Seah Place

I forgot the restuarant name liao.
It's a buffet!
I only ate a little cos i'm not really into Korean food but their pork slice is yummy tough. Cos it's very thin, then must bbq it until abit chao ta, like biscuit. YUMS!
See? SLIM.
1st & half round; Shopping + Bubble Tea @ Bugis
No pictures taken cos i forgot. But crazy Pearly drank 3 & half cup (she took my half cup as well) of bubble tea AT ONE SHOT. WTF! Furthermore, she didn't go washroom leh, WHERE DID ALL THE FOOD AND LIQUID GO TO? I told her, if i were to drink lidat, i'm sure i'll get phobia of bubble tea and not drink it for the next 3 months. But she said, she drink lidat EVERYDAY!
No, that's not the end yet. When we left Bugis to pick up our cars, she asked me if i want to eat DUCK RICE? I gave her a very very shocked HUH looks and she laughed for a good 5 minutes. She said i look like one 傻大姐 cos i'm very blur. HMM. OKAY.
So they decided not to eat the duck rice in the end... But Pearly said she's craving for 流沙包 and asked if we want to go Swee Choon, and we went!
2nd round; Swee Choon Dim Sum 
But i never eat a single thing, i sat there and watch them eat, i find it super funny.
Mee suah kuey; as recommended by one of their friend. But according to them, it's not so nice.
Their very famous 流沙包!
Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat but still so slim. (Cheryl is not slim, is skinny!)
COOL! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Being a SAHDNM...

I've cultivate a new hobby for myself lately. Which is, bringing the two rascals out alone! Either to meet someone for a meal or just the three of us. It's not hard actually, i've overcomed the fear!

And i swear, it's sooooo much better than working but it would be better if the husband pays for all the expenses! >.<

Last Monday, i was off to look after the two of them cos my aunt went to Genting and yesterday, i was off again cos my aunt went for a full day check up in the hospital.

12th November 2012, Monday

Had lunch with aunty!

@ J10's Kungfu Paradise.

Their 流沙包 is yummy! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012


Till today, then i realised... I'VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO WRITE MY SECONDARY SCHOOL NAME IN CHINESE. I've to refer to the picture my friend tagged me on fb, what a failure, lol!

So this carnival happened last Saturday and we went!
I didn't know my hair is THIS bright even when not under sunlight...
Me, my bro, sis, sil, sil's sis, sil's bro are all from YHSS, oh well.

Friday, November 16, 2012

R.W.S Staycation ~ Day 2

Date : 9th November 2012

As usual, the kids woke up damn early, and i've to wake up with them as well, to boil water and make milk for meimei. Then i DIGGED the husband up at 9am to bring them for breakfast cos i didn't bring Raeann's milk (told her i'm not bringing and made her promise me that she won't fuss) and she was hungry. She didn't fuss at all about not drinking milk for that 3 days 2 nights, i'm happy!

Wearing shoes for meimei...

Eyes on TV as well! LOL

Haha, 越穿越不进!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New hair color!

I'm kinda sick of my hair color and i wanted a change!
So today, after Raeann's school meet-the-parents session, i went to ZY's friend's salon to have a color change! (And trimmed more than 1" away as well!)
P/S : Raeann's teacher: "Basically, i've no complaints towards Raeann." - I'm in doubt! LOL

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

R.W.S Staycation ~ Day 1

Date : 8th November 2012

Didn't realise i took so many pictures (200+) during the 3 days 2 nights stay, uploading them to FB now but it keeps hanging!!! (Damn dulan, my pics are so messy and i can't arrange it, i deleted the whole album liao!)

I'm not gonna post everything here, will just choose some random ones, and the rest, just go view it from my FB lor! (Wait, i'm re-uploading now!) Let the pictures do the talking now! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

We are back! :)

A short update before i leave for movie (Ah boys to men) with the husband, thanks mummy who will be helping me to watch over them later! :) First movie this year, I think?

The short staycation was fun, both our bosses enjoyed it, ALOT! But we were all super tired! (Jialat liao, i heard meimei coughing in her sleep...)

More about it later, i need to go and change now! Till then.

Happy Belated Birthday, Fat Hubby
Advanced Happy Birthday, Sweet Little Alexis!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Holiday Camps

Kidz Amaze has lined up a few camps for kids during this coming school holiday. Most probably, i'll let Raeann join this...

Actually, i'm more interested to put her in another camp (learning how to care and share) but it's located at Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh, which is like 1000000 miles away from my place and i need to rush to work, not forgetting the morning & evening terrific jam.
And this, if they allow me to pick up Raeann at a later time, i will let her join. ($110 for Kidz Amaze member, $116 for Safra member and $126 for Guests.) Anyway, i quite like the programs for this camp too, especially the "self reflection" part, lolol.
My mum sent me and my bro to sucha camp before when i was... erm, 14 years old? It was a 5 days camp conducted by Dr. Ernest Wong named Super-Teen Camp, anyone heard before? Know who is Adam Khoo? He was my senior in the camp! =D
Talking about the camp, i was damn damn paiseh lor, i cried and asked my mum to bring me home, HAHAHAHAH! Okay, i wasn't allow to go any camps/chalets during my school days, so i wasn't used to staying out with strangers at all.
But, i'm glad my mum sent me there, it indeed taught me alot. Even though i'm not as successful as Adam Khoo, but at least, i learnt how to be a proper human being, how to be more confident, how to cope with stress, how to love my parents, and alot more.
Seriously, IF there's still Super-Teen Camp around, i will send both my kids there even though it's quite expensive. Cos i know it's worth it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pre-Holiday Mood

Both kids fell asleep at 8:40pm and i had all the time to... online shopping! FATAL! Wonder if i can claim from the fat husband since he's not at home most of the time, throwing the three of us at home? I can't remember when was my last "off day".

But he's gonna bring me to town during lunch tomorrow, just the two of us! =P

And, we will be at RWS for our staycation from Thursday to Saturday! Went to shop for some snacks and beer with PY last Saturday when our kids in class. CAN'T WAIT!

Much as i anticipate, i'm kinda worried that the kids won't cooperate as well. *PRAY VERY VERY HARD* Raeann, please behave yourself. Meimei, please stick to your daddy more so i can at least bathe peacefully.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The power of social network!

Bo was complaining to me about her friend hacking her Twitter account, so i told her i seldom log in to Twitter, FB and Instagram nowadays and i told her to log in lesser, if she can.


Sometimes, you happened to see something or heard some songs which will trigger some memories and you decided to post some random stuffs, which is totally random and not implying anyone. But some people hor, are forever thinking that you are referring to them! =.=

Which is why, friends can turn enemies overnight!

Then again...

Likewise, strangers can turn friends overnight too. Never underestimate the influence of social network. 
Blog is still the best, becos i can focus on what i wish to focus and ignore everything else. And if people wants to assume that i'm talking about them, that's not my problem!
And they are the only ones i wish to/will focus on! =)

My new camera!!!

Finally received the new "toy" that i've considered for almost two months, been playing around with it since yesterday. And thank god for it, it made this morning appointment at SNEC less boring a little.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Goodie Bags Paradise


Planning a party and headache over the kiddo's goodie bags? Searching for goodie bags to suit your theme? Come, let me introduce you to...

"We cater empty/pre-filled cute and reuseable goodie bags, gift bags and boxes for parties, to ease the troubles for all busy parents, teachers, schools and etc!"

At Party Jewels, you will find several types of cute cartoon goodie bags, like...

Various Cartoons Non-Woven Backpacks
Various Cartoons Draw String Backpacks
Various Cartoons Hand Carry Bags
If you buy in dozen, it's only $2.50 per piece, so worth right? (P/S : Their Draw String Backpacks are made of good quality!!!)
And the best part is, ALL are READY STOCKS (stocks going fast though)!!! You order it today and they will deliver it within the next two days by their in house delivery service, free delivery will be provided for orders above S$100.00!!! (Please note that they only serve Singapore customers currently.)
If stock happens to be OOS or not enough quantity, you may also request for Pre-Order (subject to availability though). But becos it's Pre-Order, make sure that you are able to wait for 2-3 weeks!
Little Twin Stars Gift Pack @ $2.50/pack
Not only that, Party Jewels provide fresh & afforable packages to your goodie bags too - stationeries sets, snacks, candies, cakes, chocolates & etc. Check out their website for more details!
As i mentioned before, i feel that goodie bags for kids is a MUST. Why? Becos with small amount spent, you make every single kids who attended your party H.A.P.P.Y. Yes, happy! And you will be happy when you see all your little guests excited over what's inside the goodie bag! =D
Make your party a memorable one, shop your goodie bags now!!!
P/S : Do like them on FB too! :)
I already know what i wanna give to Raeann's classmates on her next birthday liao lor! =X

Another Mars VS Venus example...

Had a chat with the husband over lunch today, only the two of us! :)

So he was saying, "smart women are those who have super high tolerance level, even when their (mostly rich) hubbies are having affair outside, they also LL take it down".


I think ONLY stupid woman does it, watching the man you have given your entire life to, fooling around, bedding others.

To me, smart women are those who are able to support, take care and protect themselves + their loved ones, able to help their man solve his problem and... NOT LETTING THEIR MAN TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED. Even without the man, they are still able to move on, gracefully.

What's your take on this?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Egg Experiment (II)

Like what people always say, "as long as you keep trying, you will succeed one day". I finally got the trick of making 七分熟 eggs with the electric egg boiler. LOL

Yum yum!
According to the instruction, to make 七分熟, you must put 30ml water and steam for 9 minutes (6 eggs). So i tried to reduce everything by half for 3 eggs, which means, 15ml water and around 4 minutes. I set the timer (4 minutes) on my handphone, when it rang, i went to see, the timer already automatically off by itself. So i am right, the timer is automatically set according to the water level.
Then, i boiled another two eggs to make egg mayo, as per Raeann's request. LOLOL, suddenly, i become an egg expert, hahahahaha! Honestly, this investment not bad! Besides egg, can also steam fish, meat, prawns etc. But it's SMALL, suitable for small family lah.
I bought my camera last night, like FINALLY, after almost two months of considerations and hassles. It's just a cheapo camera but the screen can flip, i am attracted to it's flip screen actually, cos it's good for camwhoring, hahaha! Can't wait to receive it! =P
Oh, i've also bought ZY his birthday presents, he choose it himself and he likes it alot. And, i bought a bag for myself but decided to give it to my mum becos i feel that it suits her more. Shown it her and she likes it!