Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Being a SAHDNM...

I've cultivate a new hobby for myself lately. Which is, bringing the two rascals out alone! Either to meet someone for a meal or just the three of us. It's not hard actually, i've overcomed the fear!

And i swear, it's sooooo much better than working but it would be better if the husband pays for all the expenses! >.<

Last Monday, i was off to look after the two of them cos my aunt went to Genting and yesterday, i was off again cos my aunt went for a full day check up in the hospital.

12th November 2012, Monday

Had lunch with aunty!

@ J10's Kungfu Paradise.

Their 流沙包 is yummy! :)

Kinda sad cos meimei seems to forget aunty already. Oh well, she's just damn sticky to me and refused anyone else. POOR ME!

Raeann has this stupid habit of wanting to visit the toilet whenever we are eating, i super hate it! Cos if i bring her, i'll have to bring meimei along, if not, she will tear the place down. So that day, i brought mei along to bring Raeann to shit (while eating halfway). Then i thought, might as well change her pamper lah. Changing halfway, she pee-ed all over me! -.- On the other hand, Raeann kept calling said she's done.

So after i'm done with meimei, i've to go and clean Raeann's butt for her. Then guess what??? This naughty mei go and play with toilet bowl water (clean one)!!! -.-"

Don't know if i should laugh, cry or be angry lor...

Well, i choose to laugh it off instead. No point getting angry or upset over such tiny issue, right? I'm a more mature and stronger person now.

Sent aunty back home and went to HV to collect something...

The kids were cooperative, lol!

Then, went to Kidz Amaze to collect their member card. Didn't plan to let them play there at first!

So i changed some coins to let them play some rides...

Her butt... got... 90173964631 needles, i think.

They wanted to enter the playground so badly. As it rain suddenly, i granted their wish. Paid $10 for Raeann to enter + a pair of socks. Didn't let meimei enter becos i don't have the life to catch her inside the playground. LOL! It was impromptu thus didn't bring any socks and i find it stupid to go home and take becos the parking fee cost more than a new pair of socks. 

Truly amazed by her social skill, she made new friends within a few minutes, played till forgot her own surname and refused to go home. I set a time for her, "we must leave the playground by 6:30pm", so it's around 1 and half hour playtime for her, more than enough, i supposed.

As for meimei, she was DAMN BUSY as well... Busy walking around, busy taking other shoes and throw around, busy making friend with one lady whom own a SIII and busy making friends with aunties with food! Paiseh 到要死!

Help me to see how many needles are there!!

Now, her most tok-gong stunt...

U know why was she sitting there???

Becos they (strangers) were eating!!! She jitao took out her pacifier and said "mum mum, mum mum". DUH!

They have no choice but to give her one huge fishball.

They asked why she so small know how to eat fishball? Hmm? She knows how to eat anything that's edible! I mean, not hard right? Just open the mouth and chew? Then they asked why did i give such food to her when she's only 13 months old? Well, did i mention before? I didn't restrict them on food at all, i allow them to eat everything (which is edible) when they reached 4 months old, applied to both of them.

Becos of one main reason, i don't want them to be fussy on food. Also becos, i don't have the time to cook for them everyday. Maybe i'm too chin chai on this, but i grew up this way leh.

However, i did FORCE Raeann to eat vege now and she did (ZY don't eat vege too!). Meimei LOVES vege alot, just like her mummy, me! :)

6:30pm liao, automatically keep her socks, good!

This is one of the new friend she made, Ethan, lol. They joked, saying Raeann is Ethan's new gf! AIYOYO!

Then Ethan's bro and meimei??? LOL! Buay tahan those kids, small small what bf and gf sia?

Alright, heppi kids tired mummy.

20th November 2012, Tuesday

Brought the kids to JCube, as i promised Raeann.

Had to choose this resturant as it has the clearest view of the rink. Oh, i don't know what kind of food it serves, lol.

Excited kids!

Heppi gals!

Nando's serves chicken, many types of chicken, lol.

After lunch, brought Raeann to shit (always shitting one, bth) and shopping! And aiyo, meimei at 14 months old (just realised she turned 14 months old yesterday), KNOWS HOW TO SHOP FOR SHOES LIAO. Did she inherited my gene???

I was choosing shoes for Raeann (this girl super ma fan, this don't want, that don't want, this pain, that itchy and eventually always end up with those market sandals) and meimei was there pointing here and there and grumble in her baby language. I told her i will bring her to another shop as that shop don't have her size.

At another shop; mei pointed to one shoe, so i tried it on for her. Then she smiled and gave her "good" sign (the salesgirl come and ask me what does it mean, lol). Then i tried on 2nd/3rd one for her, she shaked her head, i assumed she didn't like it, haha!

I asked the salesgirl to take the one she choose for her to try on both sides. After she tried on, she happily walk around the whole shop, machiam showing off her shoes. LOL

Paid for her shoes and proceeded to bookshop to SEE (see only, not buy) color pencils. Raeann loves to buy COLOR PENCILS, i don't know why, she has ALOT. (But still better than toys, which are useless!) I told her to mark it down and jot her wish list to "Santa", if she's good, "Santa" will grant her wish. Of cos, the "Santa" is me lah!

Not i stingy, i'm teaching her that "things doesn't come easily", she needs to "earn" for it and not by opening her mouth then people will buy it for her. No such thing!

Eat full, shop finish, time to zzz liao, lol!


  1. Babe, why u so pretty even u have 2 kids? So mega envy. Would like to ask will u be my makeup artist if i having my end year dinner? Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Hello, thank you for your compliment! Haha, becos i'm super vain!! I've many pretty mummies-friends too!

      Hmm, i don't have much experience of doing makeup for others leh, but i've someone to intro you - my sis-in-law. She's a freelance makeup artist! Email me for her contact! :)

  2. Hi pretty mummy the bliss salon u visit at taman jurong, do i need to make appointment with the person in-charge? If need appointment can i have her contact? Can i know who done for your hairstyle? Mind sharing her name? DO u ever done rebounding with her? Iszzit good coz i've bad experience with one of the neighbourhood salon it totally damaged my hair damn it wasted my money. Sorry for asking so many qns. Hope u dun mind. Thank you so much babe

    1. Hmm, i didn't make appointment before leh. You can look for Mary, the boss, lolol. My last rebonding was done by them! :)

  3. your meimei so cute getting that fishball. lolX

    1. Wah, i super paiseh lor. Catch her so many times, tried to divert her attention away from the food, all no use. LOL! Greedy...

  4. Thank you so much pretty mummy. Will i have discount for rebounding or haircut by mention your name Joanne? Ohh so aunty me wahahaha.

    1. Hmm, haha, not sure leh cos the price she give is very reasonable one.

  5. Hi babe, sorry to bother u again. U said that ur last rebounding is done by them. Iszzit the hair u have now? Coz i have done alots of times of rebound but they just can't last long at all. I always have to do 1 yr 1 time so wasted money and my time so would like to know is their can last longer or can stable already? Thank you so much.

    1. Ya, my current hair now. But rebonding usually last about a year only, right?

  6. Read some of your posts and super pei fu you.
    I think i can't even handle 1 kid, let alone say 2 kids!

    Need to say one word "zhan" thumb up!

    1. Hello Sonia,

      Wah, long time didn't hear from u liao! Aiyo, don't need to 'pei fu' me, cos many people can do it too!

      When you turn comes, and you have nobody to help, you will have no choice but to learn how to handle them. Otherwise, you will suffer together with them lor.


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