Monday, November 19, 2012


Till today, then i realised... I'VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO WRITE MY SECONDARY SCHOOL NAME IN CHINESE. I've to refer to the picture my friend tagged me on fb, what a failure, lol!

So this carnival happened last Saturday and we went!
I didn't know my hair is THIS bright even when not under sunlight...
Me, my bro, sis, sil, sil's sis, sil's bro are all from YHSS, oh well.
But i didn't managed to take alot of pictures cos i was like carrying one winter melon all the way, till my arms ached like fuck for the whole of yesterday and still aching today, she is about 12kgs by the way. 
This is taken from Zhirong aka Pork's fb!
BYE BYE, my 母校! Though i think i don't have much fond memories there... LOL! I honestly have a selective memory, i choose what i wish to remember only. I forgotten MOST of my ex classmates' name but they can still remember me. I felt so guilty when i've to tell them, "i remember your face but what's your name huh?", LOLOL!
Well, most of them asked me, "what happened to you? you go slimming huh?"
I'm puzzled!
My weight and size didn't differ much from my sec school time leh, maybe i lost away those baby fats, i don't know.
Anyway, it's so nice to see all of them again, after 12 freaking years. And you know what's coolest?
It's bringing OUR kids to OUR ex classroom to take a look. Alexis is hiding behind PY, so funny!
Oh yes, i was in the same class with PY during sec 3 & 4, and same class with XS from sec 1 to 4. Don't know is we sway or what, our classroom is on the 4th level (highest) throughout the 4 years! I nearly died carrying meimei to walk up that day, lol!
Wonder why didn't see XS? She... told me she wanna go at 1pm and will take a bus there. But she msged us at 3:30pm, "oh no, i just woke up"! -.-"
The weather was playing a big joke on us becos it was so freaking WARM and STUFFY at first, then sudden super heavy DOWNPOUR after that. So when Molly woke up, it was raining very heavily and she couldn't go.
From Tian De's fb! LONG TIME NO SEE!!!
It's indeed very nice to have close friends to give birth around the same time with you, our kids become best friends too!
They enjoyed THE MOST!

HAHAHAHAHA, i can't help but to add in captions cos this pic is so funny!
From Pork's SII, quality so lousy one meh???
Didn't know that our classrooms are so big, 2 x my bedroom size!

Lastly, i feel that this song suits that day's atmosphere alot! =P

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