Friday, November 2, 2012

Egg Experiment (II)

Like what people always say, "as long as you keep trying, you will succeed one day". I finally got the trick of making 七分熟 eggs with the electric egg boiler. LOL

Yum yum!
According to the instruction, to make 七分熟, you must put 30ml water and steam for 9 minutes (6 eggs). So i tried to reduce everything by half for 3 eggs, which means, 15ml water and around 4 minutes. I set the timer (4 minutes) on my handphone, when it rang, i went to see, the timer already automatically off by itself. So i am right, the timer is automatically set according to the water level.
Then, i boiled another two eggs to make egg mayo, as per Raeann's request. LOLOL, suddenly, i become an egg expert, hahahahaha! Honestly, this investment not bad! Besides egg, can also steam fish, meat, prawns etc. But it's SMALL, suitable for small family lah.
I bought my camera last night, like FINALLY, after almost two months of considerations and hassles. It's just a cheapo camera but the screen can flip, i am attracted to it's flip screen actually, cos it's good for camwhoring, hahaha! Can't wait to receive it! =P
Oh, i've also bought ZY his birthday presents, he choose it himself and he likes it alot. And, i bought a bag for myself but decided to give it to my mum becos i feel that it suits her more. Shown it her and she likes it!


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